Light Melon Soup

Melon or winter melon or sweet squash is a good source of vitamin B, C, rich in beta carotene, calcium and so on. And it helps to clear the heat and toxin, promotes urination, reduce water retention, stop cough, reduce fat, improves metabolism and so on. And that is why melon soup is a perfect recipe for the hot and humid day. I'm not sure if it is suitable for winter or you may not find this during the winter. However, it's a good try for something so nutritious!

Ingredients :

1 pce chicken whole leg
3.5L water
400gm melon, cleaned & cut in chunk
carrots, cut in chunk
100gm dried oyster
100gm da tou cai, preserved 'da cai' (salty)
Chinese sweet dates (not red dates)
crashed peppercorn
Method :

- prepared boiling water to water bath the chicken meat, leave aside.
- preheat a pot with 3.5L water.
- place in all the ingredients.
- let it boil over high heat for 15mins, switch to low heat for 1 hour.
- add in salt to taste if you're not using 'da tou cai'.

I used to cook soup with chicken bones together with all other ingredients. Save up lots of time in making chicken broth/stock. You can actually cook everything in one shot!
This is the melon I'm using for the soup. You can use it either in sweet soup for dessert or salty soup to go with rice or vermicelli or maybe noodle!
Now, this is what I'm trying to tell you about....preserved veggie called 'da tou cai'. It's imported from China. If you add this to the soup, the flavour is much more stronger & yummy!

Before ending this, I would like to thank Alison from Alison's Trials for passing me all those wonderful awards. In return, I would like to give her the following friendly award for being friends and sharing. It's yours, Alison!

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