Thousands Layer Yam Pastry Mooncake (Baked)

This kind of pastry is also called as 'Teochew Mooncake' or 'Thousands Layer Pastry'. As you can clearly see from this picture layer by layer the pastry are formed, such a fantastic artwork in bakery. And that is how the name 'Thousands Layer Pastry' was formed! Believe it or not? I'm made all these....ho ho ho.....Jolly good!

Ingredients for Dough (A) :
180gm all purpose flour
50gm shortening
100gm water
1/2 tbsp sugar

- rub shortening with flour and sugar.
- add in water and mix till form a soft dough.
- divide into 10 portion (about 30gm per dough), leave aside.

Ingredient for Dough (B) :
180gm all purpose flour
90gm shortening

- mix ingredients together to form a soft dough.
- add in colouring as desired.
- divide into 10 portion (about 25gm per dough).

Homemade Yam Paste : 1kg (or you can also use sweet potato paste)

Method :
- wrap ingredient (B) into (A) and seal well.
- roll flat the dough into oval shape.

- then roll up like Swiss roll, cover with a sheet of foil.
- leave aside for 30mins.

- roll flat again and brush on a little water.
- again, roll up like Swiss roll.
.- cut into 3 portion, surface reveals the spiral layer.
- flatten the dough by rolling into round shape.
- place in the filling (30gm yam paste), gather the outer edges of the dough circle and wrap up the filling.

- place them onto a baking tray, bake for 20min at 185'c.
(do not brush on egg glaze)
- leave cool on the wire rack.

Yeap, I'm made these! All of them! I have yam paste in the purple colour pastry and pandan lotus paste in the green colour pastry.

Now, this is my piece of artwork that I'm going to frame up....ha ha! Of coz, it's not as beautiful as Mona lisa! ha ha ha...... But it's MINE for sure!
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