Slow Cooker Sea Coconut With 'Atap' Fruit Sweet Dessert

Sea coconut which is also called as water chestnut. It is quite a popular fruit in Asian countries especially in Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand. The shape of sea coconut looks more alike the common coconut but different in colour and it's also smaller in size. We can easily buy fresh sea coconut at wet market or supermarket over here. For those who live out of this region, can get the can sea coconut from the Asian store.
Fresh sea coconut normally came in clean whole one with skin. Before cooking, we need to peel off the skin. The young fruits texture is very soft compare to the ripe one which I love the most.
This is the sea coconut after cleaning and peeled. Looks like a transparent jelly.
I'll normally used sugar cane rock and red dates for this kind of recipe, which will brings out the aromatic flavour of this sweet soup.
So, slice the sea coconut to a smaller bite size and add all the needed ingredients into the slow cooker. Starts boiling it over low heat by using the slow cooker at night. And serve in the next day.

And these are called as 'kolang-kaling' or 'buah atap'. Normally, we can only get them in packaging as below.
These kind of fruits can only be sold after some processing stages because the fresh fruits are not suitable for direct intake.
This is the 'atap' fruits and it's about the size of a 'longan'.
And this is the 'atap' tree which we can find locally. My hubby said the fresh fruits got a funny taste that you don't even want to eat them.

Ingredients :
10pcs fresh sea coconut
3L boiling water
handful red dates
200gm sugar cane rock
1 cup 'atap' fruits
Method :
- slice the after peeled sea coconut.
- combine all ingredients into the slow cooker pot, except 'atap' fruits.
- leave to boil over low heat over night.
- then off the heat, add in the 'atap' fruits and serve.
*for those who are not using slow cooker, boil the ingredients for at least 1/2 hour over high heat and 1-1/2 hours over low heat. Add in more water if needed.
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