Snakehead For Dinner

Snakehead is fresh water fish and it is also called as 'toman' over here. It is capable to grow by the weight of 20kg. My hubby caught one a couple of weeks ago and I'm still keeping it in my freezer. It is a 4-5kg snakehead, very meaty as you can see here. My hubby loveee fishing but he doesn't like to eat fresh water fish. So, I juz make these for the kids and myself when he's not around. It was a big headache when cooking this kind of fish because of my extremely picky son! He doesn't really like the smell of this kind of fish juz like his dad....ah huh..Like father like son! Normally, I'll either cook with 'assam' sauce or curry to cover the smell of the fish. But this round I tried something else and surprisingly my kids love it. Oh, I am terribly happy with it.'s the ingredients...
Ingredients for fish :
fish fillet, cut into block size
salt & pepper to taste
smashed black pepper corn
mixed herb
1/2 cup grated mozzarella cheese
Parmesan cheese
curry powder
tapioca starch
Method :
- marinade fish fillet with salt & pepper,mixed herbs & smashed black pepper corn.
- add in tapioca starch for coating.
- preheat frying pan with 3tbsp butter.
- place in the fish fillet and fry untill golden brown.
- transfer the fish to a baking tray,
- top with cheese and curry powder.
- then bake at the upper level for 10 mins, at 220'c.

In the other hand, I have my potato wedges and coleslaw ready for dinner.
You can actually smell the aromatic curry flavour coming out from the oven once it's ready. Absolutely yummy fragrant!

And dinner is ready! Would you like to join me??? You won't believe it! My kids are now addicted to this flavour and asking for more.....ha ha! So jolly good.
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