Homemade Red Bean Paste

As requested by Divina, I've made the red bean paste this morning. After reading her comment on my previous posting yesterday, I really hope that I could help her out. So, staight away I went into the kitchen to look for red beans. Luckily, I still have some and without thinking further I washed and soaked them with water. I seldom make my own red bean paste because I could easily get them from the nearby specialty shop. So, Divina, this is specially for you lol!
After soaking the red beans for a couple of hours. Again, rinse it with clean water. Then place it to a pot with water juz slightly cover the red beans. Boil for 10mins. Off the heat, remove the water and again add in clean water(about 2" over the red beans for slow cooker user). Boil it again. For me, I'm using the slow cooker. So, I'll normally cook it at night over low heat. And shall be done by the next morning. For those who are not using slow cooker and you need to add more water for boiling. Just carry on boiling it untill became really really soft. But then make sure the water level always stay at 1-2 inches above the red beans. Add in more water if possible.
Once it's ready, blend it together with the liquid untill smooth. Pour it to a non-stick pot. Stir in a little sugar (about 4-5tbsp then add another batch later on) and cooking oil (about 1 cup & prepare more oil to add in later). Then simmer over medium low heat and stir gradually. Don't burn it!
Add in more cooking oil when you think it's a little dry around the pot. Switch to low heat when the paste began to thicken. Add in sugar to taste and also cooking oil (more oil if you want smoother & glossy paste).

The paste should be looking like this, smooth and creamy. If you prefer easy to handle texture, chill overnight before used. Then rub your hand with a little cooking oil when rolling it.
Ta...da.....Wooo....finally, it's done! The whole cooking time is about 1 hour.
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