Strawberry & Mascarphone Slice

Still remember the strawberries that I bought that day! Yeap, I've used them in making some delightful slices. A totally simple and refreshing goodie. I can hardly find mascarphone cheese around my living area so I decided to use cream cheese instead. Of couse, mascarphone cheese should be the best for this recipe.
Ingredients for Crust :

175gm butter
2-1/2 tbsp sugar
1 egg yolk
2 cups all purpose flour

- beat butter, sugar & egg yolk untill fluffy.
- stir in flour and mix untill combined.
- press firmly to a 9" square tray and bake at 180'c preheated oven for 25mins.
- leave to cool.

Ingredients for Strawberry Topping:

300gm mascarpone (I used cream cheese instead)
1/2 cup icing sugar
2 tbsp yogurt
1 tbsp fresh whip cream
300gm fresh strawberries, cut into quarters
50gm dark chocolate (for decoration)
1 tbsp full cream milk

- beat softened cream cheese, icing sugar, yogurt and whip cream untill combined.
- stir in fresh strawberries and mix well.
- spread the mixture over the crust and set aside.
- melt the chocolate over indirect heat(double boiler).
- stir in milk and mix well.
- drizzle over the slice and chilled for 2 hours before served.
Yum yum.....can't wait to have a slice!
There are 12 slices in a tray but I only ate 2....they all ended up in my kids belly lol!
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