Eggless Tofu Zebra Cake

Hey, it's my 3rd BLOGIVERSARY ! Wow, I'm not dreaming here! My blog is actually 3 years old today. I can't believe it I can make it this far. From zero to more than 500 posts! I've learned so many fabulous baking and cooking along the way. The best two recipes I love most are danish pastry and pastry puff.....and still ARE ! Other than that recently I started some interesting recipes as well, such like vegan baking. Here's another interesting eggless baking I want to try out on this special day. 

Ingredients :
300gm   smooth tofu
180gm   sugar
50ml      kefir drinks (or 1 tbsp  vinegar)
2 tspn  vanilla extract/essence
1/2 tspn  salt
1-1/2 tbsp    baking powder
1/2 tpsn   baking soda
250gm   all purpose flour
2 tbsp    cornflour
100ml  corn oil

Coffee mixture :
1 tbsp  instant coffee powder
1 tbsp  cocoa powder
1+ tbsp   water
(mix all ingredients till well combined)

Method :
(1) beat together smooth tofu, kefir drinks and sugar till smooth.
(2) stir in vanilla, salt, baking powder & baking soda and set aside for 5 mins.
(3) then mix in both flour and alternately with corn oil till well combined. The batter looking like a thick paste.
(4) divide batter into 2 equal portions.
(5) add one portion with coffee mixture till well mixed.
(6) to fill up a 8" tray lined with parchment paper, by using a tablespoon, scoop 2 tbsp plain batter to the center of the tray and follow by 2 tbsp coffee batter by dropping on top of the plain batter. Repeat untill you have finished both batters.
(7) finally, bake at preheated oven 180-185'C for about 40-50 mins or when skewer comes out clean.
(8) cool completely before slicing.

The texture of this cake is a bit dense compare to other vegan cake recipes (here & here). Yet this is another interesting recipe to try out. Am still looking forward to more....more to learn. That's what keeps me moving. Hope you guys will love it too.
* Just to keep all my readers inform, there'll be interesting giveaway coming up soon. So, STAY TUNE !


  1. Kristy, Happy 3rd Blog Anniversary! Hope many more to come.
    Your tofu zebra cake looks awesome!

  2. Happy blog birthday!!!!!! Woohoo!!! What a great cake to celebrate. It's so pretty. I love that there is tofu in it!

  3. Happy blogoversary! Be proud of how far you have come from your first post! You did pick an amazing way to celebrate with this zebra cake. I love marble cakes and the twist here with the tofu as well as no eggs does intrigue. Also, it has such a stunning presentation. Enjoy the weekend!

  4. I have only just made 2 so 3 is a lifetime to be. Well done you have a fantastic blog.

    I am not a tofu fan but I have to admit this looks very good. Keep well Diane

  5. Kristy, Happy 3rd Blog Anniversary! I love the way you make the zebra design...awesome delicious.

    I like your pumpkin steam cake from the previous post, can I reduce the sugar? what's the use of putting ovalette?

  6. Happy Anniversay...another special cake under my waiting list...

  7. Happy 3rd Blog anniversary ! Can't tell without eggs if you do not mention. Adding soft tofu very interesting. Like the zebra pattern.

  8. Happy 3rd anniversary Kristy:D I always enjoyed visiting your blog, you have very interesting recipes that is easy to try out! Also unusually ones like this wonderful looking zebra cake:D

  9. Hello gorgeous baker, happy anniversary to u! What a treat & this is great for people with healthy concerns.

    Happy blogging & oh, u may like to chk out my Happy Call Recipe: Fluffy Minced Pork Omelette too :)

  10. Wow - congratulations!! What an accomplishment - and this cake is stunning!! Never cease to amaze me.

  11. Happy birthday to your blog and what a beautiful way to celebrate with this lovely zebra cake!

  12. Happy 3rd Anniversary!! This is indeed a good recipe to share on this special day! It's lovely!! How unusual to use tofu in a cake!

  13. Happy Blogoversary, Kristy!
    Zebra cake with fascinating!

  14. Happy blog anniversary Kristy! From 0 to 500 is really amazing!

  15. congratulations! this is really an achievement!! i wonder when will i reach 500 posts?! that's a very nice looking cake, you know the last plain batter that you put on top looks like a leaf deisgn to me :)


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