Yu Sang @ Raw Fish Salad

Today is the last day of Chinese New Year. We calling it as 'Chop Goh Meh', the 15th day of Chinese New Year. I think I did mentioned it before, last year. It is also the Chinese Valentine's Day, where all the single men and women will be throwing mandarin oranges to the river for wishing good luck in their love lives. ^_^ And I'm posting the 4th dish out of the 10 today. 'Yu Sang' meaning raw fish salad and also a symbol of increase in abundance & prosperity throughout the year. We only having this once a year which is during the Chinese New Year.

And here's what I did.
Ingredients :
300gm pomelo
200gm white radish, shredded
50gm carrot, shredded
100gm pickled scallion, sliced
50gm shredded candied nutmeg
50gm fried shredded taro
30gm cilantro, cut small
20-30 fried wanton sheets, crashed
50gm prawn crackers, crashed
20m roasted crashed peanuts
20gm roasted sesame seeds

Salad Sauce :
1/3 cup apricot jam
1/3 cup plum sauce
2 tbsp honey/golden syrup
3 tbsp kamquet oil
3 tbsp sesame oil
1 tbsp fish sauce
1 key lime juice + 2 calamansi juice
a dash chinese 5 spice & pepper
(combine all and mix well, change the amout according to taste as desired)
*100gm raw fish slices

(1) soak shredded radish in clean water for about 30 mins, to wash away the unpleasent taste.
(2) drained and squeeze out excess water then keep in a container & chilled.

(3) add a few drops of red food colouring into shredded taro and mix well.
(4) then fry the shredded taro untill crispy, set aside.
* I'm stealing this idea from Biren @ Roti & Rice. This is the replacement for red pickled ginger.

This salad bowl was given to me by my mom. It fits perfectly for 'luo sang'. For assemble, fill the base with pomelo. Then follow by white radish on top of it and top with carrot.

Next, arrange nutmeg, pickled scallion, fried taro and cilantro on both sides. Now, we have all the colours we need.... green, red, white and orange. Finally, top with crashed prawn crackers, fried wanton sheets, crashed peanuts, sesame seeds and salad sauce. Ta...da.... So, are you ready for this? Ok, everybody lets get a pair of chopstick and join in. Lets 'luo sang'! Woooohoooo........
*If you're planning to have the raw fish slices. Squeeze on the key lime juice and add in the spices & pepper.

Wishing you all a HAPPY CHOP GOH MEH !


  1. Happy Chop Goh Meh to you, too!

  2. Very colorful and healthy salad...

  3. You puts lot of effort in ur home made yee sang! thumbs up for u

  4. I know you all are done with the fun celebrations but it is Chap Goh Mei for us here today and we'll be having this yee sang again tonight. Thank you so much for the mention :)

  5. this is one of my favourite dishes over CNY.... :)

  6. I haven't had any YuSheng this year. LOL! Interestingly, I've always thought Yusheng is a Chinese thing celebrated all over the world. I just found out that it's actually a S'pore dish & not many countries have this Loh Hei thingy. Shame on me, don't even know it's my national dish. Hahaha!

    I watched on news this dish was introduced to China eg. Shanghai & people are loving it.

  7. Hope that your yummy Yu Sheng will give you best of luck for this last day of new year and the rest of the rabbit year.

  8. Hope you had a lovely Chap Goh Mei

  9. Wah, homemade yu shang, I think I will make this next year(save money from buying expensive Yu Shang)!

    Have a great weekend!

  10. Yee Sang ... I like it too, but this year, the price seems to have shot up! Price hike or no hike, I've taken this 4 times!

  11. I like to eat but don't like to make :P Happy New Year!

  12. Wow, that salad looks and sounds so delicious. I especially love the flavours in the sauce!
    Happy Chop Goh Meh daaahling, may the new year bring you lots of happiness.
    *kisses* HH

  13. I love to eat this dish too..a must for CNY:D

  14. Nowadays many made their own loe sang.. chinese really have a lot of things to eat during CNY....

  15. i've had so many rounds of yee sang this year..i'm just wondering did you do all the 10 dishes by yourself? You must be a quick and efficient cook!

  16. Beautiful Yu shang. I didn't get to eat this year, hopefully next yr when we are back will get to enjoy it again.

  17. Happy Chop Goh Meh to you and your loved ones...this looks so beautiful, love all of the color :)

  18. Hello all,

    Thank you very much for your kind comment and warm greetings. Yes, I had a wonderful time here.

    Making this salad isn't something challenging but for the love of food. Something that we only enjoy once a year. It's all worth it though. This is very popular at the North but not the south. We have to place in a special order before making it to the restaurant over here. And it is so expensive! Making this at home is fun. We can have anything we like. So next year, probably I can try out something new. :o)

    Hope you're all enjoying your day too!

    Cheers, Kristy

  19. Lena : Ya, I prepared all the dishes by myself. After so many years cooking for hubby's big family. I think I am confidence enough to handle it. If time allow me to do so, I would love to make a few more dishes. haha.... I mean the desserts! Thanks for your sweet comment & hope you're enjoying your day.

    Cheers, Kristy

  20. Yum! This salad looks delightful and delicious.Happy New Year!


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