B/B Sour Cream Crunch Cake

You must be wondering what is Kristy doing with this cake....giving such a name called B/B ! haha.... Na... B/B is actually just a short form stand for Butterscotch & Banana. I'm sure you know what is actually going on here now. Yeah, it is a butterscotch banana sour cream crunch cake I'm making today. I know it's not easy to get butterscotch chips here in Malaysia but you can somehow replace it with something else if possible but still butterscotch taste the best.

Ingredients :
125gm   butter, softened
100gm   sugar
2 eggs

3 bananas, mashed
1/2 cup  sour cream
1 tspn  vanilla extract

2 cups  all purpose flour
1 tspn  cinnamon powder
1 tspn  baking powder
1 tspn  baking soda
1/4 tspn   salt
(combine all & mix well)

1 cup   butterscotch chips

Method :
(1) cream ingredients (A) till fluffy and well mixed.
(2) stir in ingredients (B) & hand mix till combined.
(3) now, slowly fold in ingredients (C) and mix till well combined.
(4) finally, fold in butterscotch chips and mix well.
(5) place batter to a greased bundt cake pan and then bake at preheated oven 175'C for about 45 mins.
(6) once it's done, leave to cool for 10 mins before removing from tray.

This cake came just right out from my new silicon mould. How do you like it? I actually bought a few new silicon moulds a few days ago with less than RM50. Great bargain ! Here let me show you what I bought for  my belated birthday. hehe....

Looking forward to try them all out soon.

Love the crunch crust of this cake and the butterscotch flavour simply irresistible....plus the addition of banana is totally up to the sky. Ooooo....No kidding ! Very addictive. Hope you guys will love it too.


  1. Wow..very good deal, less than RM50for these beautiful moulds :)
    I've never seen butterscotch. Wonder hows the taste like!

  2. I made something very similar too and it's one of my favourite bakes - banana and butterscotch is a great combination! Love your moulds too - so jealous! :)

  3. Kristy this sounds almost to be too good to be true. Yum yum. Diane

  4. I love your new molds. Enjoy them, Kristy. This is similar to a cake I make but I don't add butterscotch morsels. I have to try it. IT sounds scrumptiouns.

  5. I have the love shape mould a gift from friend...haven't try this before and don't know where can get the butterscotch .... thank you sharing.

  6. So , some of that gorgeous silicone molds will be your birthday giveaway ?! lol Belated Happy nth Birthday , Kristy ! :D

    That cake looks yummy and pretty !

  7. Good buy of the silicone moulds..This cake sound good !

  8. Bargain for the molds! They look really cool. I like the heart-shaped ones! The crunch in the cake sounds really nice!

  9. I love your moulds! Banana and butterscotch sounds like an amazing combination.

  10. A beautiful bundt cake, Kristy. Those moulds are cute.

  11. You had a birthday too??? That's the second birthday I missed in just one day. What a bad blogger I am:(

    Love the cake and the molds. I can't wait to see more of the goodies you give us, lol...

    Thanks for sharing, Kristy and Happy [belated] Birthday!!!

  12. Christy maravilloso cake perfectamente elaborado una exquisitez me encantaría probarabrazos hugs.hugs.

  13. Happy Belated Birthday, Kristy! What a bargain for all the cake moulds that you have bought!

    I know it is strange but it is true that it is also quite difficult for us to buy butterscotch chips in Australia.

  14. WOW, those are some gorgeous photos. Makes me want to get into the kitchen this minute!

  15. Lea@ Lea's CookingJuly 5, 2012 at 12:02 AM

    This is awesome recipe. It's so easy to make; I love it!!!

  16. This sounds really lovely and it is a combination that I am not familiar with. I'll have to give it a try. I hope you have a wonderful day. Blessings...Mary

  17. Hey, that's a great birthday gift. Once in a while, we should pamper ourselves as we deserve it!

  18. B/B sounds good! And the cake looks very good too :D


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