Yuzu Giraffe Bread

YAHOOOO....My first ever winning prize from a giveaway....Yuzu powder from Nasi Lemak Lover 's blog. Thanks so much Sonia. Gosh, I am thrilled when someone congrats me & told me about it. I didn't even know that I have won something. Never in my life I have won anything except HUBBY ! haha.... OOoooooohhh... sssshhhh... don't tell anyone. :o) As soon as I received the package, I can't wait to try the yuzu powder out on something....something that I love the most...yeah, bread making. Yet, the bread doesn't look perfect enough. The crust doesn't crack as it supposed to. So disappointed !  This giraffe bread is also called as tiger bread where it has such a special mottled crust, looking just like the giraffe body printing. Here, I have one perfect looking giraffe bread I wanna to show you.

Ingredients for Bread dough :
500gm  bread flour
2 tspn  yuzu powder
300ml   warm water/milk
1 tbsp  yeast
2 tbsp  sugar
1 tspn  salt
2 tspn  corn oil

*For fillings : 1 small jar of marmalade jam

Method :
(1)  combine all dry ingredients into a big bowl, then slowly stir in water & oil to form a soft dough.
(2) set aside to rest for about 25 mins.
(3) now, knead dough till smooth and divide into 10 portions for large sizes (14 for smaller sizes).
(4) slightly flatten dough to fill the jam and sealed, place them to greased baking tray.
(5) at the same time spread on the rice flour mixture to the top of the dough and again let to raise for 10 mins.
(6) finally, bake at preheated oven 190-195'c for about 15-20 mins or till the top nicely brown.

Ingredients for topping crust :
150ml  warm water
200gm  rice flour
1 tbsp  yeast
1/2 tspn  salt
2 tbsp  sugar
2 tbsp  corn oil
(stir all ingredients together and mix to combine, then set aside to rest for 30 mins)

Overall the bread tastes really good. No doubt that the additional of marmalade jam is simply superb. Hope you guys will love it too. By the way, I've been extremely busy lately and will try to catch up with all of you guys as soon as I have the time. As always, thank you so much for spending your valueable time here with me. muakkkkk <3

I'm sending this to Wild Yeast @ Yeastspotting.
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