Longan Red Date Snow Skin Mooncake @ 七星伴月桂圆红枣冰皮月饼

These are my dream mooncake. It was first introduced to me just two weeks ago when a girl friend brought over some mooncakes. And I noticed one of the baked mooncake written as Longan Red Dates mooncake, I am so wanna to find out how it is actually tasted. So, I quickly grab one and took a big bite. Gosh, it was soooo soooo delicious. I like the aroma and every bit of it. Since that day onwards, I kept that on mind and telling myself "I got to make that thing !". I did asked my girl friend whereabout she found that unique flavour but she told me that her sister bought that special fillings all the way from China. Phew.... Did she just mention China !!! Meaning I won't be able to find it here at this moment. What should I do ! What should I do ! But still...... I did it ! Instead of using the longan red dates filling, I made the longan red dates snow skin. Still I am dancing. yay....

I'm sure everyone is curious about the taste. It is actually quite mild compare to what I've eaten but this is more origin. And here's what I did.

Ingredients for Longan Red Dates snow skin dough :
150gm  cooked glutinous rice flour / koh fun
100gm   icing sugar
45gm   crisco shortening
100gm   homemade longan red dates paste
90ml    cold plain water

Method :
(1) combine koh fun & sugar into a big bowl then add in shortening and rub till turn into crumble like mixture.
(2) now, stir in longan red dates paste & water till soft dough is form. Continue kneading till smooth.
(3) next, divide dough as follow then wrap & shape it with mooncake moulds.
(4) best to keep chilled before serving.

Ingredients for fillings :
3 pcs  @  65gm  dark mung bean paste
3 pcs  @  20gm  white mung bean paste
7 pcs  @  35gm   red bean paste
50gm  sunflower seeds,  toasted

Did you notice the tiny little red dates minced ? Love it. Hope you love it too ! Have fun.
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