Chinese Steamed Bun (II)

This is the chicken 'char siew bao' made of starter dough skin. The texture of the bao slightly different from the previous one. This kind of bao also named as 'Hong Kong Char Siew Bao'.

**Starter Dough**

150ml water
185gm superfine flour
1/2 tspn baking powder
1/4 tspn yeast

- mix everything together and leave to proof for 8-12 hours.
(make this at night and can be used in the next morning)

-this is homemade steamed kaya bao.**Main Dough**

375gm pau flour
25gm shortening
100gm water
180gm sugar
1/2tspn vinegar
1/2 tspn ammonium powder (optional)

2 tbsp baking powder = mix together
3 tbsp water

Method :

- mix vinegar into water and then add into the starter dough.
- follow by all the (A) ingredients and knead till form a soft dough.
- finally add in (B) ingredients slowly and knead till well combine.
- divide dough into 30-40gm per piece.
- place in fillings and seal, then place on parchment paper.
- prove for 30mins.
- steam for 10-12mins in high heat.
- you need to go for second steaming progress (another 10 mins), if you're using ammonium in this recipe.
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