Steamed Ginger Chicken

Ingredients :

1/2 chicken (cut small)
1tspn salt
1tspn ground pepper

- marinade the chicken with salt & pepper and leave it aside.

Seasoning :

200gm ginger
50gm small onion
4tbsp sesame oil
2tbsp light soya sauce

- blend ginger and small onion with a electrical chopper (do not add in water).
- fry the blended mixture with sesame oil untill aromatic.
- then off the heat and add in the light soya sauce and stir till well combine.
- put the seasoning mixture to the merinade chicken and mix well.
- then cover the tray with an alluminium foil.
- finally, steam the chicken for 30mins in high heat and then 30mins in medium heat.

Sometimes, I even add in a little bit of wine just before steaming. I don't know about others but I think it tasted really good when ginger seasoning mixed with wine. I hope you guys will love it too. Happy cooking !!
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