Steamed Tapioca Layer Kuih (2)

Ingredients :

600gm tapioca starch
450m sugar
1100ml coconut milk
1/2tspn salt
1/2tspn vanilla essence
1tspn green colouring

Method :

- preheat the steamer.

- combine everything together (except the green colouring) and mix well.

- divide into two portions, add the green colouring into one of the portion.

- make sure the tray is hot before ladle in the mixture.

- first layer should start with the mixture without colouring.

- steam for 3-4 mins.

- then follow by the green one, untill its done.

- leave to cool before cutting.

**The layers are uneven cause I'm using a table spoon in the process, its better to use a bigger spoon for example a ladle.

**The texture should be really chewy.

**This is a heavy coconut cream dessert.
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