Unbaked Yogurt Cheese Tart

Ingredients :

***Biscuit Base

160gm biscuit crushed
80gm melted butter

***Mousse Filling

500gm cream cheese
375gm yoghurt
100gm mashed manggo
200gm manggo
2tbsp gelatine
5tbsp sugar
6tbsp orange juice/lemon juice
5tbsp hot water

***whipped cream for decoration

Method :

- mix the crushed biscuit with melted butter together and spread them over a 12pc baking tray and the balance spread them to a small baking tray. Press down firmly and chill untill set.
- heat the water, sugar and orange juice untill sugar completely dissolved(do not boil).
- off the heat and add in the gelatine, stir untill combine, then leave to cool(mixture thicken).
- whisk the cream cheese and yogurt untill fluffy, and add in the gelatine mixture and mashed manggo.
- whisk everything untill well combine and spread them onto the biscuit base.
- cut manggo in small cubes and add onto the cream cheese mixture.
- chill in the refrigerator for 4 hours before serving.

This is the larger cake that I made at the same time. My kids just love it so much especially the chunky manggo. My son told me that he prefer this soft cheese cake than the bake one. He even asked me to make another one for him! Ha..I'm glad he likes it so much.
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