Yam Puff

It is difficult to search for a store which is selling this kind of yam puff in my town. So, I started trying this recipe weeks ago. And this is my 3rd attempt, it wasn't as beautiful as the first and second one but it tasted as yummy though !

Ingredients :

**yam puff dough **

300gm mashed yam/taro
45ml boiling water
100gm wheat starch
120gm shortening
30gm sugar
1 tspn salt
1 tspn five spice seasoning powder
1/8 tspn cinnamon powder
1 tspn sesame oil
There are two types of yam/taro in the market, the picture shown as the above is the purple flesh one and the other is yellow flesh. I used the purple one cause it's tastier.

Method :

- add boiling water to the mashed yam and stir untill well combine.
- then add in all the ingredients into the mashed yam and mix well, leave aside.


2 tbsp sesame oil
100gm chicken breast (minced)
100gm baked green pea/mixed vege
1 tbsp minced garlic
3 tbsp chopped onion


1/2tspn ground pepper

1 tbsp sugar

2 tspn black soya sauce

2 tbsp oyster sauce
2 tspn light soya sauce

* sauce thickening : 1tbsp tapioca starch + 2tbsp water

- heat up the wok/pan.
- fry onion and garlic with sesame oil untill aromatic.
- add in minced chicken meat and green pea and stir fry untill the meat is totally cook.
- add in all others seasoning and mix well.
- put in the sauce thickening slowing.

*prepare the filling a day earlier and leave it to the fridge(chilled filling is easier to handle).
- then shape the yam dough on your hand and fill with fillings (as the above picture).
- the yam dough must be handle with care.
- deep fry the puff untill golden brown and serve hot.
- make sure the cooking oil temperature is hot enough.
This is the result. Not bad, huh!! If there is still some left over fillings, keep in the fridge for steam bun. I always make extra and then I also keep some mashed yam for steam bun fillings too. So, steam bun should be in my next coming menu.
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