Join Me For Dinner, anyone???

As a homemaker, I need to be well organized at all times for my house chore, children, husband, friends and other activities. Sometimes, it was so nice to sit at the corner of the house by myself with a cup of coffee and some magazines. Ah.....what a last I can spend some time for myself but that only last for a while! Most of the time when comes to lunch and dinner time, I am extremely headache! And don't know what to cook!!! Usually, I just find whatever left in the fridge that I can cook for. So, yesterday I found some cabbage, ikan bilis, chili & eggs in the fridge and a box of frozen vegetarian rendang mutton.

So, I ended up fried ikan bilis with eggs. I added in some onion, ginger & chili api. This is actually my husband's favourite dish.

And then I cooked stir fried cabbage with leek. Only added in salt.

Finally, I heat up the frozen vegetarian rendang mutton and served. The vegetarian mutton is actually made of flour and it looks exactly like mutton. I cooked it with the ready mixed rendang paste and also added in some extra blended onion, ginger and chili. I also used a few pieces of serai leaves, tumeric leaves and coconut milk is a must. Well, what do you think? Want to join me? Ha Ha..

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