Traditional Fatt Kuih (Rice Flour)

This morning, I've made some fatt kuih. I thought of making them green. So, I added in 1/4tsp green colouring and 1/4tsp pandan & coconut emulco in one of the portion. The aroma is so delicious !
But I like the white one the most cause it looks like snow ball !
Besides of the traditional version recipe, I have here with me another simplified version. Hope you'll enjoy it as well.
Ingredients :
250gm rice flour
150gm sugar
300ml water
1 tbsp yeast
2 tspn ENO salt
Method :
- combine rice flour, sugar, yeast and water and mix well.
- leave for fermentation for 24 hours.
- then stir in ENO salt slowly untill well combined.
- divide into muffin cups lined with paper cups.
- then steam for 20 mins over high heat.
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