Sarawak Seri Kaya Cake

Ingredients :


10 egg yolk
4 egg white
250gm sugar
200gm flour
1 tbsp ovalette
2 oz cold milk

- whisk eggs and sugar untill fluffy.
- add in ovalette and mix till combine.
- then slowly add in flour and milk.


12 oz butter
180gm seri kaya
1 tspn vanilla essence

- mix all ingredients (B) together and whisk till creamy.
- fold in 1/2 mixture (A) into (B) and mix well, then fold in another 1/2.
- divide into two portions.
- one portion without adding in any colouring.
- one portion again divide into two, one for green and the other for red.
- line in a piece of paper to the baking tray.
- preheat the oven and place in the 8" baking tray.
- put in a ladle of mixture and spread evenly to the tray, once its ready.
(I put in two ladles, so it looks quite thick)

- grill untill golden brown or 4-5mins by using only the top fire .
(use toothpick to insert in for testing)
- adjust tray to center of oven when reached to the last 3 layers of mixture.

- unmould cake immediately once complete all layers.
- leave to cool.
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