Homemade Gardenia Cottage Style Bread

Gardenia is considered as one of the largest bread manufacturer around the region. So far it has produce a number of varieties for both breads and cakes to the marketing. And the latest one was the Gardenia European Cottage Style Bread. It costs about RM4.00 something per loaf. Expensive but worth buying though. Just how could I not trying to make one at home ! Nope, never miss a chance of it. Here I go again.

Ingredients :
400gm   bread flour
120gm   mixed seeds & roll oats
2 tspn   yeast
250ml   water
2 tbsp   heavy cream
1 tspn   salt
60gm    butter

Method :
(1) combine flour, yeast and 80gm mix seeds & roll oats into a big bowl.
(2) stir in water & cream to form a soft dough, then add in salt & butter and knead till smooth.
(3) set aside to rest for 90mins or till double in size.
(4) then place dough to working table and knead to release air from dough.
(5) shape it and brush surface with water, roll dough over the remain mixed seeds & roll oats.
(6) now, place it to baking tray and set aside for 45mins or till double in size. (I sprinkled the dough with some flour and then make a nice cut to the center.)
(7) finally, bake at preheated oven 185'C for about 30 mins.

Ta~ ~Da~ ~ Whoopie, what a great fat looking loaf of bread! And very very soft too.

I have no patient at all to wait till the bread turns cooled.... it looks really tempting. Did you hear that......someone is calling...."come to mama ~ !". :o)  Anyway, hope you guys will love it too.
I'm sending this to Wild Yeast Blog @ Yeast Spotting.


  1. I hardly ever bake bread...mine never turns out looking that good...it is something I want to master. Your loaf looks perfect!

  2. I believe this is also best eaten when it is warm. Looks perfect!

  3. Hi Kristy, wow.. your bread so nice and soft. Gardenia can closed shop liao. Your look really good, your jam still got stock or not? I'm hungry now... LOL

    Have a great week ahead.

    P/s Thanks for your concern. I'm ok now.

  4. I'd love to rip a big ole' chunk!!

  5. wow, that is a fabulous loaf of bread! i'd love a piece of that right now!

  6. Kristy, first off---I'm so glad you came to my blog! I lost my blogroll in the sidebar a while back and couldn't find you. So I'm happy to be here because I would miss your cute puppy header and great recipes. I love this bread and know it has to be delicious. If I made it, I could devour the whole loaf by myself with the help of a little butter!

  7. Kristy the bread looks really soft! i'm a lover of this bread for sure!

  8. looks exactly like the new Gradenia bread...

  9. What beautiful bread. I put my order in for 6 loaves. You are some baker.

  10. Isn't it fun when you taste something and then try to recreate it yourself? And if it is successful as this one then it makes double the pleasure!

  11. Free feel to charge me for that, its beautifully baked : ).

  12. Bo : hi there, great to hear from you and glad you like this bread too.

    Ann : Yeah, you're right! I love the crunchiness of the seeds. Simply yummy.

    Amelia : haha...just hopefully they don't saman me! Then "xi liao!".

    Belinda : :o)

    Jenn : welcome to my humble little space and hope you'll like it here. Looking forward to sharing.

    Pam : Miss you too! Glad we still managed to visit each other. Do keep in touch.

    Jess : Hi there, welcome back to the blogosphere!

    Angeline : haha...just for self satisfaction!

    Chaya : No problem, I'll check with FEDex if they'll accept it! haha...

    Katerina : You're so right! It's definitely a double pleasure.

    TasteHK : Thanks so much for your lovely comment, dear.

    Cathy : Thank you very much. Glad you like it too!

    Thank you all for stopping by and spending your valueable time with me today. It's always a great pleasure of seeing you all. ((hugs)) Hope you're all having a fabulous week.


  13. tq My dear Kristy! I dah lama cari resepi roti Gardenia ni:)I suka sangat -sangat.Terima kasih...

  14. Oh gorgeous looking load! And very wholesome too! Thanks for this great recipe Kristy! ^_^

  15. I would love to have a bite of this loaf, looks so tempting!

  16. The bread looks very pretty. I love seeded bread!

  17. Oh my gosh...Kristy, you are just amazing! See, I told you that you should open a bakery! I think Gardenia won't like you...haha. Hope you are well and enjoying your day.

  18. Your bread is simply gorgeous! I can't resist tearing into it warm from the oven either!

  19. The bread is so lovely with so many interesting seeds!

    mixed seeds & roll oats, what are the types of seeds in it,may I ask? :)

  20. Thanks ladies for all your lovely words and glad you like the bread too.

    Hanushi : they're pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, black & white sesame seeds, flax seeds and many more if possible.

    Hoep you're all having a terrific day.

  21. Looks lovely! Home baked is always better than commercial bread. Do you have any good recipes for yeast-free bread, or tips to make a yeast-free bread soft and fluffy? It's for my girl. Thanks.

  22. I love this bread! Wish I could munch a piece of it right from the screen :D

  23. That's a great looking loaf of bread!

  24. it's a wonderful loaf, kristy! i got no problem finishing the whole loasf by myself!

  25. What a beautiful loaf of bread! It looks so delicious.

  26. Kristy, this looks lovely, I could eat it for dinner. I always learn so much from you, now I just wish I could taste everything you bake! :)


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