Thursday, April 1, 2010

Stir Fried Bell Pepper & Chicken With Bean Paste

Four of seven important colours in one serving! Bell pepper is one of my favourites. Do you know red peppers have more vitamins and nutrients and contain the antioxidant lycopene. The level of carotene, another antioxidant, is nine times higher in red peppers. Red peppers also have twice the vitamin C content of green peppers. And orange bell peppers contain even more vitamin C and significantly more vitamin A. Because orange bell peppers are so juicy and sweet, and because they contain even less energy than half the energy of an orange, orange bell peppers are pre-eminently appropriate as refreshing slim-keeper, both as such or prepared in any dish. They can be eaten raw without having discomfort of digestion later. So, do you love them even more?

Ingredients :

3 boneless chicken thigh meat, sliced
half red bell pepper, cut n small
half green bell pepper, cut small
half yellow bell pepper, cut small
1 large onion, wedged
1 tbsp chopped ginger
salt & pepper
sesame oil
corn starch

Seasoning :

1 tbsp soy bean paste
Thickening : 2 tpsn cornstarch + 1/4 cup water

Method :

- marinade chicken with salt, pepper and sesame oil.
- preheat frying pan with enough oil to pan fry the chicken meat.
- mix chicken with 1 tbsp of cornstarch just before frying the chicken meat.
- then pan fried chicken meat untill golden brown and leave aside.
- using the same pan, fry ginger untill fragrant.

- then stir in all three bell peppers and onion.
- simmer over medium heat for about 30sec and stir in soy bean paste.
- mix well and then add in thickening.
- stir in the chicken meat once the gravy became creamy.

- off the heat, mix well so that all the chicken meats are well coated with sauce.
- and serve hot.

This is a very flavourful dish, so it's nice to go with something plain. You may also try this recipe by adding in some prawns which my boy loves so much! If you can't find any soy bean paste, maybe you can try with Korean bean paste.

I'm not celebrating Easter Day. However, I'm here wishing all a very Happy Easter Day and have lots of fun! Bless you all.


Sarah Naveen said...

nice clicks...looks so yummy!!!

Jeannie said...

Oh yes! I love these colourful peppers too! They are so deliciously crunchy and sweet.

Elin said...

Hi Kristy...great composition and great pics. You make this so simple and delciious. Great cook and baker you are. love your blog...sizzling with so many good recipes. I have a gift award for you, pls do drop by to collect it at your convenience :))

Pam said...

Oh, I would love to try this! How colorful and stir fry is the best!!! I love, love bell peppers and just wish I could convince hubby of the same. He likes the flavor when it is added to a dish, but does not want to eat them, scoots them aside; go figure!

wendyywy @ Table for 2 or more..... said...

I love bell peppers..but my husband hates them.

Angie's Recipes said...

I just bought a bundle of sweet peppers with tri-colours! Love this yummy stir-fry!

Anncoo said...

Happy Easter Day! I've an award for you, please come and pick it up when you're free.

smallkucing said...

will definitely have a go at this recipe. Looks easy enough :p

Lyndsey said...

I love all the peppers too, and now even more with all this info you've given us! I would eat them raw, because my husband won't eat them at all. I can't complain because there are not too many things the he won't eat!

Have a wonderful day!

3 hungry tummies said...

Something I am very happy to eat everyday! Looks colourful and must taste so good!

My Little Space said...

Sarah : Thank you very much!

Jeannie : Yes, they are so delicious!

Elin : Thank you very much for the award! Really appreciate it.

Pam : Thanks and glad that you like it too. Yeah, I know exactly what you mean. So frustrating, right!

Wendy : Hahaha... I'm speechless! My hubby likes it but not his favourite.

Angie : Thanks alot!

Anncoo : Thank you so much for the award. I'm honoured!

SKucing : Enjoy!

Lynd : Hahaha...then you can have his portion as well!

Thanks for stopping by guys and hope you all have a terrific day!


Best Regards,

My Little Space said...

3HTummies : I guess this is a familiar flavour to you too! have a nice day.
Cheers, Kristy

MaryMoh said...

Mmmmm.....that's a very colourful and delicious dish. It brings cheers and smiles in this freezing weather :D

Cheah said...

Wah, this dish is so colourful. I like bell peppers too!

petite nyonya said...

This looks like a restaurant serving! Left an award for you on my blog :).

alison said...

hi,kristy!delicious your chicken!

Bob said...

That looks wicked good. I love bell peppers, I use them all the time. They're perfect for stir fry because it's so easy to cook them just how you want.

Heavenly Housewife said...

This chicken dish looks great. The colours from the bell peppers are fabulous.
*kisses* HH

Nicole said...

I just discovered your site from foodbuzz, and the dog is sooo cute on your banner. And the peppers look so colorful in this recipe, nice!

velva said...

Fast, flavorful, healthy and delicious. This looks great!

Little Inbox said...

It looks so appetizing with the colorful bell peppers.

Barbara said...

No question about it...this looks colorful and delicious! I love all those peppers!

Happy Easter to you and your family, Kristy!

penny aka jeroxie said...

Rice and a fried egg please. Happy Easter!

Bea said...

Me gusta mucho tu blog, unas recetas buenísimas.
Un besito
Bea...con mucho amor

Pete said...

A delicious and colourful dish! Happy Easter!

Andrea@WellnessNotes said...

I love how colorful your dish is!

Have a great weekend!

Mary said...

What a gorgeous, colorful dish. I know I'll love this. It sounds like a terrific stir-fry. Have a great day. Blessings...Mary

citronetvanille said...

Beautiful colors, and very appetizing dish!

denise @ quickies on the dinner table said...

A very pretty and colourful dish! I would love this over rice right now :)

My Little Space said...

Mary Moh : Exactly! Thank you very much.

Cheah : Thanks!

Nyonya : Thanks alot for the award. I'm honoured and really appreciate it.

Alison ; Thank you very much!

Bob : Yeah, that's right!

HH : Yep, they're as delicious as they look!

Nicole : Welcome on board, there! Hope to hear from you more often.

Velva : Thank you!

Little Inbox : Thanks!

Barbara : Thanks and same to you!

Penny : Thanks and same to you!

Bea : Welcome to my little space! Hope to hear from you more often.

Pete : Thank you!

Andrea : Thanks and you too!

Mary : Thank you very much!

Silvia : Thanks!

Denise : Glad that you like it too! You can wait me at the other side of the printer then. hehehe....

Wishing all A HAPPY EASTER DAY!!!
Have a great day!


Divina Pe said...

Very colorful and gorgeous dish and definitely very flavorful.

alwayswinner786 said...

Rainbow in plate!Love this colorful yummy dish!

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