Today's Menu....Ice-Cream Cake & A Finger

I guess today is just not my day! See, what happen to my finger! I accidentally cut my finger when chopping the chicken this morning. It happened so fast when the chicken suddenly slipping off and the knife landed on my finger....that it*chop*.... Luckily, my finger doesn't came off! Thank God! Pretty scary, isn't it! Yeap, ended up with five stitches. HH told me to take something sweet to comfort myself. So, I did! Ice-cream is now on sales! It happened that I grabbed a box yesterday and ended making this ice-cream cake.

Ingredients :

2 rolls vanilla swiss roll (roughly 9" length each roll)
1.8-2.0L raspberry ice-cream, softened
a 9" spring foam pan lined with parchment paper

Method :

- slice swiss roll into 18 pieces and arrange them nicely to the spring foam pan.
- whisk the ice-cream untill fluffy and then pour it to fill up the pan.

Finally, press in the balance sliced swiss roll and freeze overnight.

This is my first attempt and not knowing what's the actual quantity of ice-cream is needed! So, ended up not filled in probably. Cause I only used 1.5L of ice-cream.

Oh...just forget about my finger and let's enjoy this super dessert! I'm feeling much better now!
p/s Hey sis-in-law, don't tell my mom about my finger! OK. Thanks!


  1. oooooooo I am so sorry about your finger! I like how you rewarded yourself with such a good treat! May the linger poor finger heals very quickly!

  2. Oh, nooooooooooooo! OUCH! Glad you still have your finger! =( The cake is wonderful - Swiss rolls are my favorite cakes.

  3. Oh Kristy...好可怜!So sorry about your finger. No more chopping at the moment, OK!

  4. This cake is sooo cute, but your finger... OMG!! Last year, I had a deep cut on my thumb when using a ceramic mandoline, and rushed into the nearby clinic. That's utterly aching! Please take good care and get well soon :)

  5. oh, sorry for the finguer !!
    your cake is beautiful
    une vrai merveille, j'aurai adoré gouter Bravo
    Bon courage pour le doigt

  6. Ouch! That's too bad but it certainly could have been worse. I think you did a wonderful thing by treating yourself with this dessert! It looks delicious! Take care.....

  7. many stitches. I see also sakit. Must be very painful. Hope it will heal soon

  8. 3HTummies : Thank you, guys!

    Belinda : Yeah, pretty aweful, isn't it?

    Anncoo : Still chopping after coming back from the hospital. Have to prepare lunch for my kids!

    TLSpoon : I'll be fine. Thanks alot!

    Colargol : It's OK! I'm fine now.

    Pam : Thank you! Am trying to take some rest reading all your comments.

    SKucing : Nearly pengsan!

    Thank you very much for your concern. I'll be fine...hopefully soon! Am going back to the hospital next week.

    Hope you all have a wonderful & take care as well.

    Regards, Kristy

  9. oh poor thing...I hope you recover soon.
    The ice cream cake looks so lovely and cool.

  10. You poor thing! That looks like they did some serious work on your finger. I feel almost crass commenting on your ice cream cake after seeing that injury, but - just to lift your spirits - let me say the cake is beautiful and almost picture perfect. Please stay away from knives today. Blessings...Mary

  11. Ouch! I am sos sorry that happened to you. You are lucky to still have the end of your finger. Now you need to get someone help you with all the house work :)

    You are hurt and still make a beautiful dessert. Well at least you enjoyed it!

    Take in easy now.

  12. Oh no! Poor finger!! I pray for a speedy recovery! :-)

    The cake looks absolutely delicious!

  13. Oh dear, Kristy...that's such a bad cut! I almost fainted when I saw that picture! You are just such a super woman...can still make such an awesome dessert! I hope you recover very quickly. Please be very careful.

  14. Dear,
    I feel so bad for you. That stitches on the finger almost made me faint! Do be careful next time and give your fingers some much needed rest to heal.
    Love the swiss roll but my mind is still on your almost cut-off finger.Get well soon!

  15. OMG, your poor finger has gone Frankenstein daaaaaahling! How shocking and scary for you. Eat some of that delicious cake, or if you aren't feeling well enough, I can eat it for you.
    *kisses* HH

  16. I'm soooo sorry you cut yourself! The cake looks delicious! I'm glad you get to enjoy it!

  17. no kidding don't tell mom!

    glad you're feeling better - ouch! love the ice cream cake. need to make one NOW!. But i just also saw your recipe for marmalade brioche croissants! decisions...decisions.....

  18. oooooooooooo that look painful. I always have phobia chopping chicken that is why I try to buy those pre-cut ones. Hope you get better soon. By the way, the cake look delicious.

  19. OUCH!!! Hope the finger will recover fast. I had those deep cuts too but I don't want it to happen again. The cake looks great and a great diversion from the cut. I didn't receive your email. Can you write me here :

  20. Wow! Finger hurting still can make cake... I salute you for that! Very nice looking ice cream cake...sure no blood got mixed up in there? lol! Sorry, can't help that.

  21. good god Kristy..hope you are doing wel...but the cake turned out super good..I am so drooling over that

    Get better soon and play it safe :)

  22. Kristy, do take care and hope your finger recovers fast. Great cake, still got the mood to make the ice-cream cake when you're in that condition .... again 'memang boleh'!

    I knew u must have cut ur finger when u had that title..but I didn't know it's that bad.
    And I had to laugh at you, with such a finger you can still make a cake, even tho it's just assembled from store bought stuff. TABIK!!!!!!

  24. sorry for your finger,kristy!so pretty the blue surgical thread:)) i had one long time ago,the same colour,on my finger!
    the cake is fantastic!

  25. be careful with you finger..the cake looks awesome and easy to..will try this sometime..

  26. Gosh Kristy! That is bad!
    But of course the ice cream cake is gorgeous.

  27. oops Kristy, poor thing & finger, hope u recover soon. btw i must salute to u, u ve such bad cut on the finger and yet still able to churn up such delicious ice cream cake, u r my idol!

  28. Oh, poor you! I hope the fingers heals soon.
    As for the cake, it looks so beautiful! And super delicious. :)

  29. OMG.... good thing that you are OK and the thing is that you made ice cream cake after?? You are genius and unbelievable.

  30. navrée pour ce malheureux incident j'espère que ton doigt sera vite guéri
    cela n'empêche pas que tu nous a préparé un succulent gâteau frais et délicieux, j'adore
    bonne journée

  31. Ouch Kristy! You did persevere - enticing, scrumptious cake. I'd be in a corner nursing my wounds.

  32. I was really startled... while I concentrated on your ince cream cake and suddently pop up a frankenstein finger(cold sweat)! It must be pretty painful to you right? Hope you are getting better now... poor you!

    Anyway, the recipe looks simple and nice! Thanks for sharing, I want to try this for my girl!

    Get well soon! Cheers!

  33. Ouch!! I'm sorry about your finger! Hope it doesn't hurt too much. Your ice cream cake look so scrumptious! It would help me feel better.

  34. Angie : >_< Pretty bad, right!

    Mary : I still cutting after coming back from the hospital! Have to feed my children.

    Lynd : I don't have a maid. So, have to do everything by myself! Just be a little careful and slowly. It'll be fine!

    Emily : Thank you very much for your concern and thanks for visiting as well. Hope to hear from you more often.

    MaryMoh : I'll be fine, thank you very much!

    CLassi(e) : I'll remember this day forever!

    HH : Thank you daaaaahling! You're always welcome for the cake.^_^

    Andrea : Thank you, dear!

    MParadis : Best of luck! Hope you'll enjoy both of them. Happy baking!

    IC4Fun : Hi there, welcome to my humble little space. Hope to hear from you more often.

    Divina : Hopefully, it won't happen again huh!

    Jeannie : Confirm NO blood! My finger didn't bleed much after all.

    JWalker : Thank you very much, dear!

    Cheah : I will. Thank you very much!

    Wendy : Thank you...thank you...hahaha....

    Alison : Thanks alot! Pretty scary, right?

    Sownya : I will. Thanks!

    Shirley : Thanks, dear!

    Bakericious : Thank you so much!

    Patricia : Hi, welcome to my little space! Thank you for your concern. Hope to hear from you more often.

    Penny : Thanks!

    Fimere : I will take care. Thank you very much!

    Claudia : Thank you so much!

    Alice : Scared you off, right? hahaha.... However, thanks alot!

    Reeni : It does! Thanks alot.

    Thank you very much for your concern guys! I'm feeling much much more better now. Love you all!

    Have a fabulous day, everyone!

    Cheers, Kristy

  35. Get well soon. You are very lucky. The ice cream cake looks fantastic. Take care of that finger. Cheers!

  36. very pretty cake and pretty scary finger

  37. Kristy,
    My dad loved these jelly rolls, if he was alive I would so be wanting to make this, this cake is so genius and if brought some memories alive in me I use to have when wanting to cook for him the special things he loved, thanks for sharing this it made my day! I will have to try this one sometime :)

  38. I have done that to my finger before almost passed out from all the blood, yours looks worse than mine did!~ Hope the burning stopped I know too well how much that hurt, hope you feel better soon!

  39. OUCH!
    I'm a real chicken when it comes to kitchen injuries. I've done it several times too. You're lucky you didn't lose that finger, Kristy!!

  40. oww,I can actually feel the pain.

  41. Lazaro : Thanks alot! I'll take care of my finger.

    SDoodle : Hi, welcome to my humble little space! Hope to hear from you more often. Thanks alot!

    Claudia : Glad that you like this cake too. Btw, I'm getting much better now. I noticed that my finger recovering well. Thank you for your concern.

    Barbara : Oh, I was pretty scared at first. I thought I would lost my finger too! Phew...thank god, my finger is still here.

    Peanutts : Thanks for your concern. I'm feeling better now.

    I'm so touched. Thanks so much for visiting! I'll be fine. Will be going back to the hospital on next week.

    Have a nice day, everyone!

    Blessings, Kristy

  42. Wow, sorry about your finger! The cake looks great though, I can't believe it was your first attempt!

  43. oh my goodness, that's a nasty cut, five stitches...yikes... hope the cake made you feel a little better, you take it easy, ya hear....

  44. Gracious that looked like a serious cut! You scared me-honest. Thank God you are okay

  45. Stacy : Hi, nice to hear from you!

    Drick : Thanks so much for your concern. I'm fine, dear friend.

    Wizzy : Yes, it was! Thank god my finger is still here.

    Hey guys, thanks so much for stopping by. Let's have a wonderful weekend!

    Cheers, Kristy

  46. Hey Kristy...gosh I hope your are much better now. Take care ya. This cake is fantastic. I will want to try it out. When you take the cake out of the freezer, will the cake be hard as the ice?

    Cheers to you Kristy

  47. Elin,

    Thanks! By surpised, NO! The ice-cream turned out just nice & smooth as usual. That day, Wall's ice-cream was on sales. 1.5L for $4.99! So, why not? I'm looking forward to make another one since this is so easy. I even save my baking time. Grabbed 2 rolls of swiss roll from a nearby bakery shop for $10.00! Good due, right! Have a good weekend.
    Cheers, Kristy

  48. This comment has been removed by the author.

  49. OMG! The cut looks really bad! Hope you are better now.

  50. Wow, that's an impressive cut! My knees got weak just by looking at that picture...

    Your ice cream cake is beautiful! I'd love a slice now...



  51. Oh, my goodness, I'm so sorry about your finger, I hope it's getting better! The cake is really super gorgeous, wow!

  52. Hey baby, am so so sorry to hear of ur little finger and hope ur better now:-)))

    And so so so muc wish ur finger to heal sonnnnnnnnnnn:-)

    ur dessert looks fantastic:-))

    Am having my first ever giveaway,at BSM,

    For all ur American and Canadian pals:-)))

  53. Reeeeeeally ??? After all the stitches you still made ice cream cake? You are my hero now. I would be in a corner crying the whole day and holding my finger up. LOL.

  54. Oh my God!!! So that's how it happened! Wow! You actually could have lost your finger tip - so glad that didn't happen! You know, I chop chicken up with a parang very often. Yikes!

    And you still made ice cream after that?? You are really tough!


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