Japanese Melon Pan With Creamy Chocolate Filling

What is Melon Pan? Melon pan is also known as Melon bread which is originated from Japan. Melon pan is a plain bun which covered with an enriched top cookie layer. Yes, it's a plain bread. So, don't expect you'll get a melon flavour bread! ^_^ And in Hong Kong, there's Polo Bun or pineapple bun which quite similar to this Melon pan but with pineapple jam fillings. And there's also Conchas, a Mexican sweet bread. In this recipe, I'm going to use the bread dough recipe given by Jeannie @ Baking Diary. I love this recipe alot. The bread is so soft & fluffy. Thanks Jeannie, for sharing this wonderful recipe. So, may we begin now.....

Ingredients for Bread Dough :

Starter Dough :
280gm bread flour
1 tspn yeast
180ml water
(combine and mix well then leave to rest for 2-4 hours)

Main Dough :
All the starter dough
1 egg yolk + 1 egg
120gm bread flour
1 tbsp milk powder
1/2 tspn yeast
4 tbsp sugar
1 tspn salt
30gm butter
#Filling : 200gm Cadbury Milky chocolate bar, chopped

Method :
(1) combine all the main dough ingredients to form a soft dough, then leave to rest for an hour or untill double the size.
(2) punch to release air from dough and slightly knead the soft dough untill smooth.
(3) divide dough into 12 portion and wrap in the chopped chocolate.
(4) seal and place it to the baking tray.

Ingredients for Melon Pan Topping :
80gm butter
4-1/2 tbsp sugar
80gm egg
200gm all purpose flour
1/2 tspn baking powder
1/2 tspn vanilla extract

Method :
(1) beat butter and sugar untill smooth.
(2) add in egg & vanilla extract untill well mixed.
(3) stir in flour & baking pwder to form a sticky dough.
(4) keep chilled for about an hour.
(5) then divide dough into 12 portion.

To Assemble :
- flatten the melon pan dough between a plastic sheets.
- then flip the flattened dough over bread dough.
- stamp the pastry dough with any sharp cutter for form some marks.
- now, leave to rest for 30mins or untill double the size.
- finally, bake at 190'c for about 20 mins or untill brown.

I know I know, the bread supposed to look rounder! haha.... But I have to squeeze them into my small oven in one shot. Anyway, who cares about the shape as long as it's yummy! Not going to sell them, anyway. My kids love this like crazy. I've been making this for a number of times and am adding in more & more chocolate fillings each time. haha..... Frankly, I hope the dough manage to handle more fillings! ^_^ Gosh, I'm so greedy! However, hope you guys will love it too!


  1. The buns look really good! I will definitely try making them. Thanks for sharing.
    I love lots of filling too...tend to overstuff the buns. I guess we are all greedy that way. Hahaha.

  2. gosh.. real chocs inside.. ok, never mind, later i go home and dig into my fridge.. lots of chocs there.. hahaa...

  3. These look so cute. I love the topping...beautiful patterns there. Yes, I would love more filling, too. Kristy, try making one huge one :D Then I think you can put in lots of filling. It would be so fun biting into it...hehe

  4. Melon pan is Japanese national bread indeed being familiar since my childhood :) I love your twist with choc!

  5. hmm...never had these before. I wonder how it taste like

  6. Hey Kristy, my son loves Melon Bun!
    Are u living in S'pore too?? I could have some of these....... hahaha!

  7. yum yum! Even better with the chocolate filling!

  8. The outside looks AMAZING and THEN I find out what's INSIDE! Oh, I'm jealous.

  9. Oh wow! My boys love these buns (so do I actually :P) but we've never had ones with chocolate inside! These look fantatic Kristy - thanks for sharing your fabulous recipes so generously!

  10. denise @ quickies on the dinner tableOctober 6, 2010 at 8:51 PM

    P/s I like your site makeover - looks so cheery and so appropriate for autumn, though we don't have autumn *sigh*

  11. Kristy my friend, your bread looks so, so soft in texture! Well done! Love the melted choc inside. yumm!! unfortunately, i'm lousy at bread making so must try this recipe one day.

  12. Goodness! you put so much chocolates in there, must not let my boys see this post, otherwise they will pester me to bake some for them lol! Look so good Kristy:D

  13. Ohhhhh myyyyy! That looks positively sinful and completely necessary :-)

  14. Jet : Hi there, welcome to my little space and glad you like this recipe. Hope you will like it and have fun.

    Claire : So, have you found your chocolate bars yet? ^_^

    MaryMoh : Mine should be less dough and more fillings! hahaha...

    Spoon : Hi... oh yes, this is one famous Japanese bun ever. How I wish you can post up some of your local bakery stores for us to enjoy! Even just drooling! haha...

    smallkucing : It's more or less like those coffee boy but the crust is crispier and more to buttery & vanilla flavour.

    Shirley : Oh.... Guess, you have to drool over these for the time being!

    Pigpigcorner : Yeap, no doubt I have stuff in more & more fillings! Never had enough! haha...

    Belinda : Don't be! Just put your hands on and you'll have them fresh from your oven everyday. And no more frozen dough!

    Denise : You're most welcome! How I wish you said Kristy looks fantastic, not the bread! haha.... And thank you.

    Jos : You're not a lousy baker at all! You just need time for that. But I'm glad that you're spending more time in your gardening which really pays off. Love your carrots!

    Courtney : Thank you so much!

    Thank you everyone for visiting and spending your time here. Glad to know that you guys like it too. Hope you're all having a great day!
    Cheers, Kristy

  15. Jeannie : I wanted to put in even more next time! Just never had enough of it. HAHAHA....

    Emily : Salivating???? haha... Glad you like it too! Enjoy.

    Thanks ladies for stopping by. Hope you're having a wonderful day.

    Cheers, Kristy

  16. My my Kristy Sonia said you have soft buns! :D hehe! They do look good...well the ones I can see in the photos! You sure do have a lot of chocolate in them...yum yum! Another interesting baking maserpiece!

  17. Kristy, this sounds so interesting and delicious!

  18. A very interesting recipe! Those bread rolls look so irresistible and scrumptious.



  19. I did expect melon in there someplace! :)
    But I love the look of these buns, Kristy, the chocolate oozing out. Yum!

  20. I really like the shape of this rolls, I always wonder how. Thank you :)

  21. These would win anyone over with the gorgeous chocolate oozing out. I bet they were fabulous right out of the oven too.

  22. this bun looks so good, I wanna have some now, yummy!

  23. Oh! so this has a skin as well.... ! Nice. :)

  24. Hi,I'm first time visit your blog recommended by smallkucing.
    Wow! your Melon Pan really looks delicious!Thanks for the recipe given, i may try this one day.

  25. The way you describe it, it sounds amazing. I love the idea of the cookie-like outer layer. Yum!
    *kisses* HH

  26. Sonia : Yeap, thanks to Jeannie!

    Lyndz : Hahaha... Errr... just let me check first! Well, they look fine to me! HAHAHA.... Thanks again! We chat later.

    Abbey : Thank you!

    Rosa : Thanks and glad that you like it too!

    Barbara : Well, some places did actually made the melon flavour bread for Japanese Melon Pan!

    Elra : You're welcome and thank you!

    Bridgett : They are really yummy!

    Jess : Thank you!

    Penny : Yeap, it has skin.. just a thin layer of crust.

    WaiKitt : WElcome to my humble little space and hope to hear from you more often.

    HH : Thank you!

    Thank you everyone for visiting and spending your time here with me today. Hope you're all having a wonderful evening.

    Goodnight from the other side of the globe.
    Cheers, Kristy

  27. like your melon bread. great job :D

  28. Kristy, Johore & S'pore is so near to each other. Hahaha! I'm reaching for your buns now.......... Oh, dun forget to follow Luxury Indulgence to get my latest updates! I'm working hard to satisfy your request. Heehee!

  29. Kristy, the buns look amazing! seems so soft and light! I loved the recipe!

    Have a great day!

  30. Mmmm...very creative with the chocolate bar in it!
    Have a nice weekend.

  31. Would this bread be served as a dessert?
    And I love the bun with the puppy, adorable.

  32. wow looks so good haven't made gnocchi yet but plan on using your guidlines have it bookmarked have a fab weekend
    hugs Rebecca

  33. Beautiful pan! It has been a long while since I made those.

  34. Hey Kristy, I'd appreciate your support @ Be The One To Win A Mysterious Prize!! Pls vote for me & you can win a prize too!

    Thks & have a great weekend!

  35. Kristy...you seem to have succeeded these really well.
    I'd love to have this bun treat with my morning coffee anytime...and then I'll run a few laps around the block ;o)

    Ciao for now and flavourful wishes,

  36. Zoe : Thank you very much!

    Shirley : Haha...You bet and I'm waiting! I've made the vote the other. Hope you will win the prize!

    Pris : Thanks and glad that you like it too!

    Anncoo : Just trying to make things interesting to feed ourselves! haha...

    MCoupons : Welcome to my little space. Hope to hear from you more often.

    Rebecca : Good luck!

    Angie : I love your polo buns too! Lets exchange.... haha...

    Claudia : haha... you're so funny! Thanks alot and glad you like it too. You make me smile! ^_^

    Thanks everyone for visiting and hope you will enjoy the recipe. Have fun!

    Enjoy your day!
    Cheers, Kristy

  37. U've voted, Kristy? But I didn't see your name. U've to click on "like" my pix before u qualify for prize. Let me know if u encounter problems. U should be seeing Lazaro, Denise names if u do it right. Thks!

  38. Shirley : I'm not sure if I've push on the right button or not! Please check again. Thank you!

  39. Hi, can I just check whether the topping is to be prepared in advance and then put on top of the bun, and then rest it for 30 mins? Or the dough is left to rest while i make the topping and leave in fridge. Just want to be sure as I will make this this weekend. Love ur blog!

  40. Angeline : Yes, the topping is to be prepared in advance and then put on top of the bun. Stamp the topping with a cookie mould. And rest for 30mins or untill the buns double in size. That's how the crack is formed. Thank you for visiting and hope to hear from you more often.
    Have a wonderful day!
    p/s do you have any link? TQ


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