Savoury Swirl Bread Loaf For WBD

Today is World Bread Day which is created by Zorra of kochtopf . I am inspired by all the participants and have made one to join in the crowds for this special day. This is a very fluffy and yet delicious bread. Instead of making with whole sausage, I made it with chopped sausage and with lots of shredded cheese.

World Bread Day 2010 (submission date October 16)

And here's what I did.

Method :
(1) combine 2 cups flour, sugar, salt and yeast in a big mixing bowl.
(2) heat milk with butter on low heat untill the butter is jsut melted.
(3) remove from heat and add in water & vanilla extract.
(4) stir milk mixture into flour untill evenly moist.
(5) then add egg little by little untill well incorporated.
(6) now, add in the remaining 3/4 cup flour to form a soft dough.
(it should be a little sticky)
(7) leave it aside to rest for an hour or untill double it size.
(8) punch down the dough and place dough to a floured working table.
(9) knead dough untill smooth.

(10) roll the dough out flat in a long rectangle shape and cut in 3 portion.
(11) spread on the melted butter and sprinkle chopped sausage, shredded cheese and onion onto dough.
(12) roll it up one by one continuously untill it form a gigantic swiss roll.
(13) place roll dough to a 8" round tray lined with parchment paper.
(14) let it rest for about 30 mins
(15) finally, bake at 170-175'C for about 25-30 mins or untill brown.
(16) leave the bread stand in the tray for about 10 mins before removing it from the tray.

The bread turned out perfectly and it's actually out of my expectation! ^_^ And am glad everything went well.

Here is a little contribution from me! Hope you guys will love it too. Wishing all having a wonderful World Bread Day!


  1. Kristy, this looks really delicious!

  2. Oh how I am loving the savory. You know how to dish World Bread Day - wishing I could break some of that bread together with you.

  3. Wow! This looks so cool! I love the shape of this bread- and it looks really good too!! I didn't know it was world bread day.....

  4. wow your an amazing bread maker J is crazy over cinnamon and raison bread!

    happy world bread day

  5. Gosh, your bread is so cute with all those swirls. Good recipe to try!

  6. That is meal in bread loaf. It is fabulous. Kristy, you are so talented.

  7. Ai yah! Didn't know yesterday was the World Bread Day, i only made bread today. Your's bread pattern so pretty.

  8. smallkucing : thank you! Wow, you still awake at 12.30am! hehe...

    Kumi : Thank you and glad you like it too!

    Claudia : You're always welcome, you know that! Right?

    Von : I only found out a day ago! However, great to know more about this special day!

    Suhaina : Thank you and welcome to my humble little space. Hope to hear from you more often.

    Rebecca : Children prefer sweet bread! They have sweet tooth and so am I! haha...

    Cheah : Thank you. Am glad you like it as well!

    Chaya : Nice to see you around, dear! Ooo... so sweet of you to say that! Thank you again.

    WaiKitt : It still 16th in U.S.!

    Thank you all for visiting and spending your weekend with me. Hope you are all having a fabulous time and have a wonderful bread day!
    Blessings, Kristy

  9. wow,kristy,a really delicious bread and very creative! queen of baking ,hope you have a wonderful week-end!

  10. A very beautiful roll! I love how it looks!

  11. Happy bread day! This looks wonderful. It is on my list of breads to try. I made rye bread and brought it to my dad's, no photo but I have an other loaf rising so tomorrow I will post it.

  12. That is so neat, Kristy! I love that rolled bread with yummy sausage stuffed inside! You did a perfect job. I really must try to make more breads this winter!

  13. wow. this looks amazing and very delicious to this pregnant gal!

  14. Wow, I'm impress...and looks yum too! Happy Week ahead!

  15. What a beautiful and tasty bread!Love the shape!

  16. Happy world bread day! What a loaf! It's stunning!

  17. OMG Kristy!! The bread looks amazing, and I loved the filling, and the way you rolled it!

    Have a great day!

  18. Kristy...wonderful swirl bread ! It must be delicious with those chopped sausages bits on it and cheese.....lovely ! :) Well done Kristy..another winner :)

  19. This bread just looks gorgeous, you've done it again, Kristy!!

  20. I wish I'd seen this earlier, we'd have had it today - looks awesome!

  21. what a beautiful bread ... wow - I know I could eat the whole pan by myself, in one sitting.... incredible

  22. Yum! This swirl bread can be my lunch any day. I love that you chose to use sausage and cheese instead of sugar and cinnamon, or other sweet stuff :) Great idea kristy.

  23. Oh! I forgot about WBD! But I'm glad you remembered :) This is just gorgeous! One day I will have to set aside some time to try out some of your wonderful bread recipes!

    P/s - I already bought my Christmas dress last month, and guess what? I already cannot fit into it now!!!! ROFL

  24. Ohhh... it looks like a cinnamon roll, I feel like eating it with ice cream, yummy!^-^

    Have a great week ahead!

  25. OH

    You are my hero. That has to be the prettiest bread I have ever seen

  26. Alison : Thank you and so sweet of you to say that!

    Angie : Thanks!

    Lucia : Hope you will like it! So glad to see you around.

    Barbara : Thank you very much! Glad you're loving it to.

    Penny : Thank you!

    Abbey : haha... I think you can eat the whole bread!

    Lani : Thank you!

    Dimah : Thanks!

    Belinda : Thank you!

    Priscilla : Glad that you like it too!

    Elin : Thank you!

    Cooking Gallery : Thanks alot!

    Martha : Thank you and hope you will enjoy the recipe.

    Drick : haha... I believe you can!

    Tana : Come and join me for tea! ^_^

    Denise : Haha... No kidding! Never mind, you still look very slim!

    Alice : haha... it's a savoury bread and should eat this with mashed potatoes!

    Zoe : Thank you!

    Emily : Thank you so much for your nice comment! So sweet of you.

    Thank you every one for stopping by and spending your time here. Hope you're all having a fabulous day and enjoy the recipe as well.

    Blessings, Kristy

  27. Kristy this is so beautiful! I still wish I could watch you at work some day! Have a wonderful day!

  28. Happy WBD! Hi Kristy! You are so amazing.... as always! What a beautiful bread... it is like something right out of a fairy tale! You did such a beautiful job and thanks for introducing me to WBD! Very cool - miss you... I am taking a bit of a break as my hubby is working out of town and won't be home until Saturday... that means super busy mom! xoxo megs

  29. Wow, looks awesome and is really fluffy! Thank you for participating in World Bread Day.

  30. One year later.

    Sorry, but I can't see the ingredients in this recipe.

  31. My Dear
    I do not find Ingredients for Savoury Swirl Bread Loaf For WBD
    Please help me

  32. Hi Sholeh,
    I'm so sorry for the inconvenient causes. Will try to sort out for you soon. Thousands apology !
    Blessings, Kristy


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