Cashew Nuts Chicken & Rambutans In Sweet Lemon Sauce

I'm not sure if anyone had this kind of combination before. It looks & sounded weird, isn't it? But DELICIOUS, I'll have to say ! As we always looking for something new in our food to boost up our appetite. This is something which is so refreshing and yet not boring to enjoy with. I love digging in every single food on that plate.... It's like a plate of treasure. So, here's what I did.

Ingredients :
2-3 chicken thigh, cubed
salt & pepper to taste
1/2 egg white
1 tspn sesame oil
1/2 cup tapioca starch

Method :
(1) marinade chicken with salt & pepper, sesame oil & egg white then set aside for 1/2 hour.
(2) stir in tapioca starch and mix to well combined.
(3) fry the chicken untill golden brown.

Seasoning :
1/2 cup lemon drinking juice
1 tbsp sugar
1 tspn vinegar
1 tspn tapioca starch/corn starch
* 1 tin rambutans with pineapple fillings (or add extra pineapples)
* handful of roasted cashew nuts (or store bought readymade)

Method :

(1) combine lemon juice, vinegar, sugar and tapioca starch, mix well.

(2) boil the mixture over medium heat untill thickened.

(3) off the heat, stir in rambutans, chicken & cashew nuts, mix to combine.

(4) and serve warm.

For fresh lemon juice user, extra sugar must be added in to balance the sweetness of the sauce. Of coz, you may also adjust the quantity of the recipe according to your taste & flavour. I will probably finish the whole plate of food off without any additional rice or noodles. Trust me... you gonna love it too! Have fun.


  1. This is definitely not weird but a mouth watering dish :))

  2. I agree! Looks like an amazing combination.

  3. This is such an unusual combination! It looks terrific though!

  4. wow...what a unique combination...I'm just drooling over these pics...absolutely loved it !

  5. I love the combination. I can just imagine the sweet fruit going really well with the rest!! And all the different textures you get from one dish - this is great!

  6. Interesting combination and must taste sweet.

  7. no, have not tried this combination before but i guess the sweet and tangy sauce here makes the dish really delicious! brilliant!

  8. Wow what an interesting mix, sadly it's so hard to find rambutan here

  9. thats a very unusual mix, but coming from you not surprised :), never tried rambutans in savory dishes. By the way i heard they are starting masterchef malaysia, you should try in, you are pretty creative and got loads of potential. :)

  10. 0.o
    I never came across this combination before... Will try it out someday~

  11. Kristy, this kind of sounds weird huh? I never tried to make any savory dish with rambutan before. Time to try it though, see if I like it :)

  12. Really interesting combo, Kristy! Very sweet and sour...I've never made anything with rambutans.

  13. I thought my eyes is playing tricks on me when I read the title. Hmmm...where you get all these inspiration? I think this dish will taste great

  14. Ann : haha... I'm glad you will eat them! ha...

    Belinda : So then, I have to double the ingredients! ha...

    Katerina : Thank you! Hope you'll enjoy it.

    Only Fish REcipes : You think you want to print them out! Don't put it into your mouth, OK!

    Kumi : I actually loving them all. Love the crunchy nuts flavour, love the salty chicken bite and the chewy sweet rambutans taste. Yummm...

    Sonia : I think it's all in one! ha...

    Lena : Hope you'll enjoy it too!

    RSA : Thank you very much for stopping by.

    Nammi : Oh my, you must be kidding me! I still have a lot more to learn. Probably, Mr.Ramsey will ask me to leave the room immediately. ha...

    Hayley : Wish you luck!

    Kak Dewi : This is something to surprise your darling. Hopefully, his eye balls won't pops out once he saw this. haha...

    Shirley : Thanks alot, dear.

    Blue wale : Well, intersting or not? haha...

    Sutapa : Hello dear, come on.. we have lunch together!

    Barbara : Canned rambutans tasted sweeter & delicious. I'm sure you will like them all.

    Kathy : I think the children especially will love it. I mean your boy! ha...

    Thank you all for visiting and spending your time here with me. It's a great pleasure for having you here. Sorry that I've been slow lately.

    Hope you're all enjoying your day.

    Cheers, Kristy

  15. Kristy, this is indeed an original creation!

  16. Great way of using can fruits beside in dessert. Very original :)

  17. You make a wierd sounding dish into a masterpiece :), Miriam@Meatless Meals For Meat Eaters

  18. Very interesting use of rabutans!

  19. What an interesting combination...chicken and rambutan...have to admit that took me a while to "digest" it...should try it :-)

  20. I love the wierd combos that you come up with. It is the trial and discovery that makes it! You never know until you try it. I once put blue cheese in my chicken pie, (you know the kind with chicken gravy) it was surprisingly good. I thought it sounded wierd too so I only put it on half, but I would do it again it was so good.

    I just love your creativity, such and artist!

  21. Nope never had this combination, when we were in Hawaii we had something like this and loved it, don't know if we will find the fruit though here.. will have to ask. I love cashew chicken so this will be awesome with the addtions.

  22. Indeed a weird combination but if it works means it good!

  23. Cheah & Gert : Thanks!

    Miriam : Very sweet of you to say that. I am honoured.

    Ann : Yes, indeed!

    Juliana : Yeah, rambutan is quite an interesting add.

    Lyndz : It's like we don't do the same old recipe forever, right! haha....

    Claudia : Thanks. Hope you'll like it.

    Penny : You bet!

    Thanks ladies for stopping by and spending your time with me. Hope you're all having a fabulous day.

    Best regards,


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