Homemade Gardenia Butterscotch Loaf

I can't remember when exactly Gardenia Butterscotch bread was launched here in Malaysia. I think probably somewhere around year 2009. I'm totally falling in love with it after my first bite... not love in first site. lol! ha... Butterscotch is actually something really new to me at that time. I have no idea what it was, not untill after started food blogging. At the beginning, I thought it was something like butternut squash cause of the colour. Lyndsey sent me a packet a year back and I bought a few more after that in Singapore.

I found this at Cold Storage, Singapore, but not sure about here. And not waiting any longer. Here, I'm bringing you the homemade Gardenia butterscotch bread loaf.

Ingredients :
250gm all purpose flour
250gm bread flour
2 tspn yeast
290ml milk & water (50%-50%)
1 egg (do not beat the egg)
2-1/2 tbsp sugar
2 tspn salt
80gm cold butter, cubed
*1 cup butterscotch chips

Method :
(1) combine flour & yeast (stir well), then add in sugar and salt.
(2) add in the egg and slowly stir in milk and mix to form a soft & sticky dough.
(3) lastly add in butter and knead till the side of the bowl become clean.
(4) knead till you get a smooth dough and cover, let it rest for an hour or untill double in size.

(5) now, punch out the air and knead the dough untill excess air is totally released.
(6) place dough to a slightly floured working table, divide into 4 portion and again let to rest for 5-10 mins. (7) next, roll out each dough and place in butterscotch chip.
 (8) fold both side of dough into centre and roll it up from the longer side. (as shown in picture)
(9) let them rest in a 4.5x4.5x10" greased tray for an hour or untill 80% full.
(10) brush the top with egg glaze and bake at preheated oven 190'C for about 30-35mins.
(11) leave to cool completely before slicing it.

So, what do you think? I think Gardenia won't be very happy with me. lol! *wink* However, hope you guys will enjoy it too.
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  1. I am a sucker for butterscotch. This bread looks so soft and spongy!

  2. I have some butterscotch in the kitchen. I want to make these and not share any with hubby. He is bad.
    *kisses* HH

  3. Hey, how about reserving a slice for me for breakfast! Gardenia won't be happy with your creation.

  4. such heavenly bread! can i have a few slices please!

  5. Hello, Kristy! Thank you so much for your visit today. What a beautiful loaf of bread! I have not heard of this bread before so I'm happy you posted about it.

    Love your doggy 'burger' in the header :)

  6. It's such a lovelly bread...To bad i cannot find here butterscotch....


  7. This looks delicious but I have not seen butterscotch for sale for years! Diane

  8. Your loaves look so professional Kristy...just perfect and yummy!

    We still have butterscotch chips on the shelves anytime in any supermarket, but mint chips are only around during the holidays!! I'll be sure to stock up this year when I see them out! :D

  9. I'm not sure did I missed it or perhaps Singapore doesn't have butterscotch Gardenier.  But I can imagine how yummy it'll taste! Thanks for sharing this recipe Kristy, now I can this in my own home, no need to hunt for it. 

  10. It looks heavenly, Kristy.

    Thank you so much for sharing. Gardenia would be pleased:)

  11. I don't know if butterscotch bread has ever been launched here. But you just did! Heaven.

  12. Kristy, Thanks so much of sharing this, this bread is my kid's favourite. If i happen to see butterscotch chips here, i must buy and make this. Happy Weekend.

  13. That is a beautiful bread! Its so pale and fluffy. And the name...Gardenia Butterscotch bread ... so pretty.

  14. Have not tried this Gardenia bread before but your version definitely looks fluffy and delicious!

  15. Looks & sounds delicious! Like all your wonderful creations!!!

    Have a wonderful weekend, Kristi!

  16. Very pretty Kristy! I am sure it tastes delicious as well.

  17. I have never seen such fluffy light bread! BRAVO!

  18. kristy, this is awesome you're making your own version of butterscotch loaf! to be honest, i cldnt remember how the gardenia butterscotch taste like, it's been very very long time since but i do believe your homemade version will be much better than theirs!

  19. I tried butterscotch from gardenia, fell in love with it.But now hardly find the loaf in supermarket.

  20. love your recipe...want to try..tq


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