Date & Zucchini Loaf

The other day, I went for my yearly check up. I took up the PAP Smear test & breast check up. It has been my annually routine check up eversince after I gave birth to my first child. What's in your mind when seeing your doctor every year? For me, it's like seeing an old friend. Well, unless there's other thing came up then you'll have to see him more often. Of coz, we don't wish that to happen! Actually, there's nothing to be afraid of. Early check up can safe your life! Other than that healthy living and food consume do help as well. I've found some fresh local zucchinis at the nearby supermarket lately and going to make myself a nice loaf of healthy bread. Zucchini is the best ingredient for quick bread making because it has the least moisture. And here's what I did.

Ingredients :
90gm butter, softened
130gm brown sugar
2 large eggs
215gm all purpose flour
2 tbsp baking powder
1/2 tspn cinnamon powder
2 tbsp milk
2 tbsp lime juice
1 cup shredded zucchini
10 pcs seeded dates, halves

Method :
(1) cream butter & sugar untill fluffy.
(2) add in eggs and beat till well mixed.
(3) stir in the remaining ingredients and mix well.
(4) pour batter to a 4x9" tray and bake at preheated oven 180'C for about 45 mins.
(5) leave to cool completely before spread the top with sweet & tangy glazing.

Ingredients for Icing Glazing :
1/2 cup icing sugar
1 tbsp lime juice
1 tspn lime zest
(combine all ingredients and mix well)

If you prefer it looks a little drier, you can bake for another 10-15 more minutes
but I love it this way. It tasted better and smoother in this way.

I'm glad there's still cucumbers & zucchinis and other green vegetables available here in the market. It was pretty scary what is happening in Germany & all around Europe. Hopefully, everything will be back to normal quickly or they will be no more green vegetables on their dinning table soon. Blessed you all!
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  1. Good reminder to always get checked! Great loaf...great frosting.

  2. I was supposed to make a quick bread for our Martha Mondays, but with the end of scholl nearing and the holiday it didn't get done yet. I let my daughter choose which one (Lemon) I hope it turns out as good as yours looks! I would love to take a bite of that, and how good would that be with coffee!!! Yum!!

    I do get my check up every year too. Something you just something you gotta do.

  3. Your post just reminds me that I should do my annual checkup here in Sg....haven't don't that since I moved back.  I have heard and saw zucchini loaf recipe before but always skeptical about trying it. Somehow the vege in the cake just didn't click, lol! But seeing your moist delicious cake is making my mouth water! 

  4. Thanks Kristy. I just had my full check up two weeks ago and I'll see my gynae again next year :D
    That's a healthy delicious loaf that I would like a few slices for my morning breakfast :D

  5. our families favorite for years now and your just aced it!

  6. Well, I love a datenut loaf and I love a zucchini loaf - so guess what? This loaf makes me very happy ... and healthy.

  7. que rico y esponjoso se ve me encanta depallo,un pan delicioso,cariños y abrazos.

  8. oh thank you kristy sebab mengingatkan Cm untuk buat pemeriksaan PAP smear..aiyo..tak suka tp apa boleh buat kan...

    kek ni nampak sungguh sedap & moist.

  9. Mmm....healthy food can be yummy too! Thanks for sharing.

  10. Hi Kristy (: the loaf look so lovely, fluffy and delicious! would you want to join in the fun and look at our aspiring bakers event?

  11. Kristy, you are a baking queen. The zucchini loaf looks terrific!

  12. Belinda : I think you don't feel like eating a lot after the 7 days detox. I'm still trying to imagine myself taking that challenge. ha...

    Lyndz : It was weird when I first seen this kind of combination. I mean vegetables in cakes! But carrot works pretty good though. So, zucchini should be as good. Hope you'll have a relaxing time then. Guess not, helping Wade? I'll be away for a couple of days.

    Bee : Shoud get someone to recommend you the doctor. It's hard to find zucchini here. I'll have to say I'm lucky enough!

    Ann : Hey, congratulations that's a good news! Meaning that you're healthy.

    Claudia : It's my first timer though! :o)

    tigerfish : Thanks!

    Claudia : Glad you like it too. I love dates as well.

    Rosita : Thank you very much!

    CM : Macam terpaksa pulak! haha... Relaks-ler!

    Jet : You're welcome!

    Sweetylicious : Noted that! I'll try to post something related. Thanks for keeping me informed and for the invitation as well. I am much appreciate it.

    Thank you everyone for stopping by and spending your valueable tim ehere with me. Really appreciate it.
    Hope you're all having a terrific Friday & follow by the Saturday Night Fever!

    Blessings, Kristy

  13. Angie,

    vielen Dank. Ich werde heute in deutscher Sprache zu schreiben. finden Sie, wenn Sie alle Wörter erkennen. Hehe... Yeap, ist es ein Test! Haha.... Hoffe, dass Sie lieber Ihren Tag, genießen sind.

    Blessings, Kristy

  14. Kristy, at the rate u're going, all the bakeries will close down. Hahaha! How many in your family are u baking for?

  15. THe bread looks super moist! You are right, a routine check-up is a must!

  16. What an unusual combination, Kristy. And it looks really good. So do the marshmallows...I've always wanted to make them. I bet that flavor was terrific.
    Being as old as I am, I do checkups with three different doctors. (getting old is NOT fun) But I always feel better when I come out of the offices with a clean bill of health.

  17. 有营养,很适合当早餐喔;)

  18. It's so smart to get yearly checkups Kristy. Love the dates in the zucchini bread. What a nice touch.

  19. Goodness that looks wonderful and I love the combination of zucchini and date...will have to try that :)

  20. That's a delicious loaf of zucchini bread! I like the addition of the dates and would love two slices for brekfast tomorrow.

  21. Shirley, I actually don't bake much lately! Besides, I seldom buy bake goods after I started my baking 2 culinary 2 years ago. My kids also requested for freshly bake goodies cause they have bored of the outside food.

    kathy : Yes, it is very moist indeed.

    Ann : These days even young girls are encourage to do their yearly checkup. My neighbour's daughter (age 20+) just had her operation 2 years ago because of stomach cramped. The doctor said there's a lump on one side of her ovary and the leakage has caused serious infection. Finally, the doctor has no choice but have to remove one of her ovari.

    Barbara : Yeap, you're so right about the bill!

    Blue wale : Or afternoon tea!

    Sam : Thank you so much!

    Alisha : Hope you'll like it too!

    Biren : Glad you like it too!

    Thank you everyone for stopping by. Hope you'll like the loaf.

    Have a wonderful day!

    Blessings, Kristy


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