Opera Cake For A Special Day

First of all I would like to take this opportunity to thank all who has greeted me earlier. Yes, I am a Gemini and so is Gertrude, Mary and my daughter. I still remember in year 1994, I was warded on my birthday.....to give birth of my daughter. At that moment, how I wish my girl will has the same birthday. But after checking, the doctor said I'm not ready yet. So, I was sent home the next day. Finally, she arrives a week later. :o) In between that week, I had loads of food. It was dumpling festival then. I had quite a lot of glutinous rice dumpling and also durians. But I wonder why my daughter doesn't even want to touch it... I mean durians! But she loves rice dumplings though. Probably, I had too much already during my pregnancy. haha....

(Recipe Adapted to Chef Jean Francois Arnaud)
Ingredients for Almond Sponge :
200gm ground almond
100gm icing sugar
60gm all purpose flour
6 egg whites
120gm castor sugar
6 eggs
40gm butter, melted

Method :
(1) combine flour, ground almond and icing sugar in a bowl & mix well.
(2) beat egg white till foamy then add in castor sugar and continue beating for another 2 more minutes.
(3) now, add in whole egg one by one and beat till well mixed.
(4) finally, fold in dry ingredients and mix to combine.
(5) then stir in butter and mix well.
(6) divide batter into 3 equal portions and pour it to each 9x13" tray lined with greasproof paper.
(7) bake at preheated oven 220'C for about 8-12 minutes.
(8) keep refrigerated after cool.

Ingredients for Coffee Cream :
375ml milk
1 tbsp coffee powder
9 egg yolks
250gm sugar
500gm butter, softened

Method :
(1) combine milk & coffee powder and bring to boil.
(2) in another bowl, beat egg yolk and sugar till creamy.
(3) stir milk mixture into beaten egg yolk and mix well.
(4) put mixture over medium fire and cook untill thickened.
(5) leave to cool at room temperature.
(6) then beat in melted butter and leave aside. Do not refrigerate it.

Ingredients for Dark Chocolate Glazing :
75ml water
16gm gelatine
180ml heavy cream
250gm sugar
210ml water
90gm cocoa powder

Method :
(1) soak gelatine into water.
(2) combine cream, water and sugar in a saucepan and bring to boil.
(3) next add in cocoa powder and stir well.
(4) off the heat once it's ready and leave to cool at room temperature before refrigerated for 15mins. Do not over chill the mixture, otherwise it will became harden.

Ingredients for coffee syrup :
4 tspn instant coffee powder
150gm sugar
200ml hot water
(combine all ingredients and stir till sugar dissolved then set aside to cool. Or you may replace this with local kopi-O)
* local kopi-O~~'Gao' tastes much stronger and aromatic.

(1) bring out the sponge and remove the greaseproof paper.
(2) sandwich the sponge with coffee cream and pour the coffee syrup over each layers of sponge about 50% wet or 100% if you prefer softer texture.
(3) keep the sponge chilled for an hour.
(4) then spread on the dark chocolate glazing and keep chilled for another hour or untill set.
(5) place cake to a prepared board and trim the edges till neat.
(6) decorate the top as desired and serve.

Why am I chosen the Opera Cake for my special day? Well...Firstly, this has been at the top of my list for a very long time. Secondly, I find that this is quite a challenging task and would love to give it a try. Thirdly, I wanted something special on my big day this year. Frankly, I don't mind if I'm wearing a Prada or Channel but I won't want to miss even a bit of these glamorous desserts.*wink* How do you like this Mrs.P~~~~~~!!!!! :o)
Again, thank you so much for all your wishes. I am really appreciate it.

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  1. Hi Kristy, Great greeting on your "Special Day" and your Opera Cake looks really tall and delicious.
    All the best!

  2. Thought I'll be the first to comment but Anncoo beat me to it. Greetings on your 'Special Day' Kristy!

  3. The good thing about not having your birthday on the same day is you get to eat two of these stunning cakes!
    *kisses* HH :D

  4. Hi Kristy! Happy Birthday! The opera cake looks so gorgeous and decadent..YUM...

  5. Happy birthday, Kristy! Hope you have another great year of cooking, baking, and more...

  6. I have always wanted to try opera cake because it looks so delicious, but I don't have the guts trying to make it myself ;). Happy Birthday, Kristy, I wish you all the best :)!

  7. Awww...you already made it? Here I got all the stuff and searched for a recipe and was all set to make it for you...hehehe! Well good thing, yours looks fantastic a special treat indeed!

    I wonder about what we eat when pregnant and what our children like. I had to have fresh(not that parm is fresh) grated parmesan on everything, and ate lots of garlic! The pizza I always had was mushroom and black olives, she won't touch either one, but she loves parmesan and garlic...so 50/50 I guess!
    Hope you were pampered a little on your day and enjoyed your cake!

  8. happy birthday ,my friend!i wish you all the best!your cake looks so good and tempting!

  9. Happy, happy Birthday!!! What a beautiful cake! Enjoy!!!!

  10. What a good looking cake!!!


  11. I don't mind having a slice of that beautiful cake fro my birthday. I am just too lazy to bake anything and Carlos just went and bought me a small cake. Hope you have a wonderful birthday celebration!

  12. Happy birthday! Definitely much to sing about!

  13. Happy birthday Kristy, a very delicious birthday cake to enjoy:)

  14. Happy (belated?) Birthday!!! The cake looks amazing and I bet it taste great too! Hope you have a nice day.

  15. Happy Birthday to you, Kristy!!


  16. Love the distinct and beautiful layers of your Opera cake, tht's a great dessert!

    Wishing you a beautiful and memorable Birthday!May your wishes come true!

  17. OMG... What a tempting recipe.. lovely presentation dear.. Happy Birthday...

  18. Happy Birthday Kristy! This is a lovely cake, and I have bookmarked long time ago, look like i need to try it out soon.

  19. Happy birthday! What a lovely cake you have!

  20. A very Happy Birthday to you and your loving daughter! Your opera cake is a
    real treat for soul!

  21. 这个我很想做,可是我又很懒惰:$

  22. Hi Kristie, thx for stopping by and here's my email: moonlight_zone@yahoo.co.uk

    Thx for the warm regards, you too keep well and hv fun baking!^^

  23. This cake is done so well Kristy! Hope you had a great day!

  24. Happy Birthday Kristy and your princess! Wishing you both peace and happiness. You have outdo yourself. Your Opera cake looks perfect. Luckily you stay so far away if not, you will see me knocking on your door now:D Quay Po begs for a piece please? hehe

  25. Hi Kristy - Your opera cake is spectacular with all its lovely layers. Hope your day was very special indeed.

  26. Happy (belated) Birthday, Kristy. What a pretty cake to help celebrate your birthday.

    I too have lots of birthdays in June. As for me, I'm right on the cusp of Gemini and Cancer.

    I hope you had the bestest day EVER!!!

    Thanks for sharing your cake with us...

  27. one day i shall pick up the courage and make an opera cake too! Looks fabulous, i havent tried any other opera cake except the ones from coffee bean. Happy birthday to you and stay cheerful always!

  28. The perfect 'special day' treat! Yum!!

  29. 我跟鲸鱼一样,好懒。。。。。

  30. I researched this cake over a year ago but decided not to attempt it, I never thought of making a sheet cake out of it instead of a round, stacked caked... love the layers of goodness and yours is so big...

  31. Sweets always makes me drool. This is so festive.

  32. Hi Everyone,
    Thank you all for your kind and lovely wishes. I had a lovely big day. Your visits did brightened me up even more. Really appreciate it.

    Hope you're all having a terrific day too. Enjoy.

    Blessings, Kristy

  33. Your cake is so impressive! It looks just heavenly! I hope you had a special day Kristy! xoxo

  34. Dear friend you have prepared a great recipe I love is a luxury, today you will be on my list to be closer to your lovely recipes, thanks for the award Nuervo, will I have with great care in slide, hugs and much love

  35. Happy birthday. The Opera cake looks delicious. Thanks for sharing.

  36. Oh Kristy , ur a sweety heart!
    Ur daughters story is sooo cuteeee!
    And the cake absolutely gorgeous!
    Love it babe!
    Thannxx for ur super sweet thoughts on my blog , soo cute!!

  37. Mmm I love sticky rice dumplings but this opera cake looks way more tempting right now ;p

  38. Had one 6-layered one earlier, and I know how good and addictive this cake could be! Yours looks terrific!

  39. Happy Birthday!

    That Opera Cake is magnificent! Perfect and so tempting.



  40. happy bday kristy..besok Cm nak cuba buat kek ni sempena hari bapa hehe.

  41. Happy Belated Birthday and many, many happy returns, Kristy! That is one special cake for a special occasion!

  42. love the layering.. this is one special cake for a very special lady :)

  43. Happy Birthday to both you and your daughter! This cake is amazing, truly amazing :)

  44. This is a wow recipe... flashing back tht time whn I 1st saw ths post... I hv yet really appreciate the recipe, now it seems so precious to me... like a kids spotted a candy in a hidden treasure chest.;D

  45. This is all erroneous what you're writing.


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