Gugelhopf Twister

What do you know, it's picnic time again! Like every year Louise @ Months of Edible Celebrations will be hosting a PICNIC GAME on the 1st of July. I'm glad I managed to join in the fun this year. And the letter I picked is 'G' ~~~~

A ~ Apricot Cobbler
B ~ Banana Cream Pie
C ~ Cherry Bar In A Jar
D ~ Diva Doggie Bite
E ~ Emeril's Strawberry Lemonade
F ~ Fingerling Potato Salad With Honey
G ~ Gugelhoph Twister

And this is going to be a very long post.....

Gugelhopf is also called as kugelhof/kougelhopf or kouglof. They're actually all the same but only in different languages. Gugelhopf is an Austrian cake and it's quite similar to a German Kuchen as well but softer, smoother and fluffier. And here's where my inspiration came from, click here. Please do excuse my gugelhopf shape! I don't have the mould, so it ended up in a bundt cake mould. :o)

And here's what I did.

Ingredients for Starter Dough : (for 2 pans recipe)
1 cup lukewarm milk
5 tspn yeast
1 tbsp sugar
1 cup flour
(combine all ingredients and mix well, leave to rest for about 30mins or untill double it size.)

Ingredients for Main Dough :
1-1/2 cups lukewarm milk
250gm butter, softened
200gm sugar
3 tspn salt
2 tspn vanilla extract
1 tbsp rum
2 egg yolks
1 whole egg
starter dough
4-1/2 cups flour
*cocoa mixture : 2 tbsp cocoa powder + 1-1/2 tbsp water
*1/2 cup raisins + 1/2 cup dried cranberries + 1 lemon rinds
(coat 2 pans with butter and cover with flour)

Method :
(1) combine butter, sugar, salt, vanilla, rum, eggs and milk in a big bowl then beat till well mixed.
(2) add in starter dough and continue beating till combined and smooth.
(3) now stir in flour slowly till everything is well combined.
(4) withdraw 1/3 portion of dough and mix with cocoa mixture till well combined.
(5) and add raisins & cranberries into the large portion of dough then mix to combine.
(6) let both dough rest in separate bowl for about an hour or till double in size. Cover both dough with towel.

(7) place chocolate dough onto a slightly floured working table and shape it to a ball.
(8) now, again withdraw 1/3 portion of berries dough and place it to the chocolate dough.
(9) make a hole in the centre and then place it to the pan, place the leftover dough to another pan as well; and keep them covered.
(9) leave both dough rest for 15-20mins.
(10) finally, bake at preheated oven 175'C for about 40-45 mins or till brown.
(11) leave cool & top with icing sugar before slicing.

For extra deliciousness, you may also top with chocolate ganache. That will definitely kick your appetite. I've sent out the other gugelhopf to my next door neighbour. They're loving every bit of it. I hope you too! Enjoy & have fun.
Happy International Picnic Day!
(cake, bread, desserts,)


  1. That cake is wonderfull...I bet the picnic will be great!


  2. This looks very pretty and yummy!
    Is this a cake or a bread as I saw you added yeast in it,

  3. Very interesting cake, and very international! It looks so good. The picnic sounds like fun, love all the different regional foods.

  4. Great contribution to the international picnic!

  5. OMG! this is so lovely and i've never tried it before! look so delicious! (: (:

  6. looks awesome dear..lovely recipe.

  7. wow first class cake, and theres an amazing cafe named after this cake in Durham NC

  8. So this is a yeasted cake? Interesting... But sure looks fluffy soft & delicious.  thanks for sharing yet another new and lovely recipe Kristy!

  9. Wow! That looks amazing! Labor intensive - but worth it!

  10. What an amazing look treat! I need to plan a picnic.

  11. Happy for your neighbor and wish you a happy picnic day!

  12. Exquisito bizcocho se ve hermoso ,felicitaciones por el picnic internacional,cariños y abrazos grandes.

  13. I'd love to have you as my neighbour daaaaaaahling, I want one of these beautiful fluffy cakes.
    *kisses* HH

  14. So nice! Really an ideal snack for picnic!

  15. 这个在野餐的时候的确很棒,肯定会被扫光:)

  16. is this a bread or cake? you mean you have to cook something based on the alphabet that was assigned to you? sounds fun!

  17. The name's too complex for me but the cake is yummy! Have a great party!

    I've just posted an article on Amazing Kitchen Tips (Part I). Thought I share it with u :)

  18. Wow, Kristy! You fussed for our picnic! What a super cake to carry along, too.

  19. What a beautiful dessert Kristy and great for a picnic. I see rum in the list of ingredients. Everything is better with a little rum in my book.

  20. This cake looks absolutely fabulous! I've tried Gugelhoph before and by the look of it, it must a winner for your picnic.

  21. Rita : thank you very much. Hope you can join in the fun too!

    Ann : Yes, this is a yeasted cake! It's called Austrian cake something like the German kutchen. Yeasted cake is very famous around Europe where it's originated.

    Lyndz : Thanks! I hope you can join in the fun too. You may check with Louise if there's still any letters available. I'll keep you inform next year. Luckily, Louise wrote in to keep me inform this year.

    Belinda : Thanks!

    The sweetylicious : Yes, it is really delicious indeed. It's my 1st attempt too.

    Emily : Thank you so much!

    Divya : Thank youm dear.

    Rebecca : What a great info. Thanks for sharing. Can't wait to see your baby boy soon! Jasmine going to have a little brother. yay...

    Claudia : Thank you!

    Bee : You're welcome! Yeap, it's a yeasted cake. I like it a lot.

    Ann : Hi there, welcome to my humble little space. Glad that you like this too. Hope to hear from you more often.

    Barbara : Thanks alot!

    TasteHongKong : Thank you! Hope you will join in the fun next year.

    Rosita : Muchas gracias por sus amables palabras. Estoy realmente apreciarlo & me alegro le gusta demasiado.

  22. HH : I don't mind making extra for two you if you stay nearby! :o)

    Hayley : Thank you!

    鱼鱼 : 谢谢你的赞赏!

    Lena : Yes, it's a cake. Yeasted cake is very popular all around Europe and it's a kind of traditional cake for them. And 'yes' to your answer~we have to bake or cook according to the letters that we chosed. Hope you can join in hte fun too.

    shirley : Thanks! Funny that I don't see any bakery in S'pore selling this cake.

    Yummy bakes : Thank you! Glad to see you around.

    Barbara : Thanks. I hope others will like it too.

    Sam : Glad you like this cake too. And the rum has definitely lifted the flavour of the cake wonderfully.

    Thank you everyone for stopping by and spending your valueable time here with me. I am truly grateful to see all of you here.

    Hope you're all having a great time too. enjoy & have fun!

    Blessings, Kristy

  23. That is one beautiful cake and we are going to have a fabulous picnic. I have q and I made it today. Now, I have to post it. In the meanwhile, I will yearn for a piece of your cake.

  24. Zoe : Thank you very much for your lovely words. I am truly appreciate it. So sweet of you to say that. I hope you can join in the fun too. Enjoy!


  25. Chaya : OMG, the letter 'Q'!!!! That is a very long list you're going to put up. Oh well, what the heck. It's going to be fun! Enjoy.
    I'm looking forward to your 'Q'!

  26. This looks delicious! Actually love the cute shape :)

  27. Delicious looking yeasted cake, yum yum

  28. look yummy and fluffy kristy! The name is really cool too:)

  29. It looks very delicious and soft! Perfect for teatime.. Yum!!

  30. Have I mentioned your banner makes me happy? 8) Your cake is beautiful and I wish I could just take that slice and gobble it up!

  31. Thanks so much for posting this recipe, Kristy. I have been wanting to try this famous cake and can't wait to try this recipe. I don't have the right pan either but who cares? Bookmarked!

  32. looks like a great cake for a picnic or grilling out come see what I shared at

  33. This is a great yeast cake for any occasion!

  34. Hi Kristy!!!!

    Oh we are going to have a wonderful picnic this year!!! Just look at that gorgeous cake you made for us. (I hope your neighbors don't mind just this once:)

    I'm putting my blanket right along side yours, just maybe I will get a least one piece:)

    Thank you so much for playing the Picnic Game this year Kristy. I can't wait to see the round-up. It's going to be a basketful of delight!!!

    P.S. If any of your readers would like to play, there are a few more letters left...

  35. ia an amazing cake lovely to a picnic!! gloria

  36. WOW the cake is prefect that so classic presentation specially for picnic TARTY AND DELI CIOUS.

  37. This Gugelopf looks beautiful, and very similar to the Kugelopf recipe a friend gave me years ago which I also used to make in a bundt pan. However her recipe did not have yeast in it, nor any dried fruit. It just shows how many regional variations there can be to a recipe! Your version sounds just delicious - and as I said, it looks beautiful! Thank you for sharing it with Let's Do Brunch. Hope to see you there again tomorrow.

  38. I love your cakes, Kristy! This one is the perfect thing to bring on a picnic!

  39. Kristy, I have finally get my picnic post right. Thanks for all the help. This is a very unique cake. It is indeed a twister but when I tried to pronounce the Gugehopf, my tongue got twisted! hehe.. Good job Kristy, your cake will be the first thing I go for at the picnic. See you there!

  40. Love this! Anything with Chocolate works for me. T is for Tequila Truffles. I'm bringing them to the picnic.

  41. I know I will be making one of these soon.


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