Pear Relish Chutney

Chutney is not something new to me, just that I have never thought of making it my own. In the past, my aunt (sum sum) will give us her homemade spicy salted fish chutney whenever she visits us. It was her mom's secret recipe and was once widely sold in Penang but not sure if she still have time for this. She hasn't been feeling very well for the past couple of years and I seldom see her during the Chinese New Year either. She owned a food business at Mid Valley for years and now her kids are taking over the kitchen. I hope to see her on the next coming Chinese New Year. I wonder if I still remember how's her chutney was taste like! It's been a long long time since I had them. She has tempted me to start up my own chutney, and so is Amy (The Canning Wife). So, here's what I did.

Ingredients : (Recipe adapted to Amy)
4 large green pear, cubed
1 cup vinegar
1/2 cup raisins
1 cup brown sugar
1 large onion, chopped
1 large red bell pepper, chopped

Spices Used :
2 tspn mustard seeds/ground mustard
1/2 tspn ginger powder
2 tspn all spice
1-1/2 tspn salt
(I omit the curry powder)

Method :
(1) combine pear, raisins, sugar and vinegar to a sauce pan and let it boil for 30 mins over medium flame.
(2) stir in bell pepper and onion after 15 mins boiling the pear and continue on boiling.
(3) the mixture will become thickened later on, bring it to low heat.
(4) after that, it's time to add in all the spices and stir well.
(5) keep simmer for another 5-10 mins and then off the heat.
(6) bottle them up with cleaned jars and with caps.
(7) then put them back to the boiling water and simmer for 5-10 mins to secure the seal.
(8) remove from boiling water and leave to cool completely and store in dark room. Or refer here for more info.

This recipe just perfect to fill in two jam bottles, which can be stored for at least 12 months time.
My kids are both learning to love it. I've also started some other canning project to store up leftover vegetables. So that NO food waste! Cool huh!
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  1. This sounds delicious, I love making chutneys and relishes and it is a good way to preserve the overflow from the garden. Diane

  2. Hi kristy
    This sounds awesome. I love relishes and chutneys. I find it really balances out cold cuts and cheeses. Yum. :)

  3. Mmm how yummy is this :). I love chutney and a pear variety sounds divine.

  4. Omg, simply irresistible and drool worthy..

  5. I could just have chutney for dessert! I also love mustards in a fruit sauce so am swooning. (Swoon...)

  6. I definitely love to try this chutney. Looks awesome :)

  7. this looks so so good would love it with a cheese sandwich

  8. Last 2 decades ago.. i used to do chutney with green mangoes.. those were the days.. :) as i grow older, i am lazier.. sigh..

  9. Frankly, I'm not a Chutney person. Nevertheless, I love whatever u make. Got the hint, Kristy?? hahaha!

  10. I think fifteen days is enough for such delicious chutney to stay in bottles ..... our chutney club members (me and my friends) are always dedicated to finish such delish as soon as possible!!:)

  11. kristy, i think you can also start a gourmet business on your own! i'm curious abt the taste of this chutney though..

  12. Your chutney looks so appealing. How I wish I were your neighbour!

  13. Love this unusual chutney!! Hipe you get to see your mom soon.

  14. Oooh...that looks really good with the burger. never thought of that. Kristy, you are very adventurous in inspiration. I have never tried cooking chutney. I have only tried mango chutney with lamb, quite nice. Great idea that you start to learn canning. Yes, no food waste. Sometime I am guilty of it too :P Hope you have a great weekend. Mary

  15. I could eat chutney once in a long whenever I made one batch of chutney, at least half of them would have gone to the garbage bin. And I hate that. So these days I start buying a small bottle of chutney...usually mango ;-))
    My husband loves pears...maybe...maybe I should make some for him.

  16. So this gourmet food making runs in the family? Now you're canning? Sounds just like my mom, and she'd love your chutney! I dislike wasting food too, it was the way I was brought up. :D

  17. I love chutney! I will have to try this one, thanks!

  18. That looks awesome. Bet it goes well with a nice roast pork as well

  19. It sounds like a delicious chutney!
    I only had pear and cranberry jam, it was one of my favorite..

  20. Diane : Yeah, you're right!

    Shaz : chutney & relishes are simply irresistible!

    Xiaolu : Great!

    divya : Thanks !

    Claudia : haha... just keep hold of your saliva!

    Ann : Hope you'll like it too!

    Rebecca : Me too!

    Claire : I would love to try making mango chutney too one day.

    Shirley : Whoa, what a compliment here! haha... THANK YOU!

    Sutapa : I just finish a jar and one more jar left. Chutney isn't our tradition food and not many of them enjoy it. So, I just keep it for my kids & myself. lol!

    Lena : Ahhh... don't be kidding!

    Cheah : Aaaa...then we can both grow bigger...everywhere. haha...

    Emily : Thank you!

    Belinda : Err... it's my! :o)

    Mary : And I am in hte opposite! haha... Must try making mango chutney some day.

    Angie : Readymade chutney is hard to get here. So better make my own.

    Lyndz : No, not the pear chutney but spicy salted fish chutney!!! ha... I bet you've never heard of that.

    Abbey : You're welcome. Hope everything is fine on your side.

    Penny : I think it goes well with anything!

    Medeja : Pear jam!!! I must try that out some day too! Thanks.

    Thank you very much everyone for stopping by and spending your time here.

    Hope you're all having a fabulous weekend.


  21. I don't think I've ever experienced chutney before. Hmmmm....must do something about that. It sure sounds interesting...

    Perhaps you should get your aunt's recipe, Kristy. You never know when you may want to make that memorable chutney for your family.

    Thanks for sharing...

  22. I love chutney. I didn't like it at first, it took a while, but it is amazing with cheese. I might try making some this year.
    *kisses* HH

  23. Sounds very sweet, this is one of my favorite fruit too.

  24. mmm...Your chutney recipe is truly unique and I loved the combination of ingredients used! Great pictures!! Would love to visit here again...


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