Coffee Mantou

Still remember the leftover starter dough from the last recipe? Right, you can use that for this recipe as well. This is another simple and easy to make steamed bun with my favourite flavour. Frankly, I don't really like the plain one... so dull! Make me feel like my nose is sick! hehe....

Starter Dough Ingredients, Click here.

Main Dough Ingredients :
300gm all purpose flour
75gm sugar
1 tspn yeast
70gm starter dough (one portion), tear in small pieces
175ml warm milk
3/4 tbsp instant coffee powder (omit this for plain dough)
1 tbsp oil

Method :

- combine instant coffee powder with warm milk in a mixer bowl and mix well.
- add in the starter dough and other ingredients.
- mix to combine to form a soft dough.
- immediately place soft dough to working table.

- join both dough together and roll flat between two plastic sheets.
- then roll it up like a swiss roll.

- divide dough into sizes as desired.
- place them to steaming tray and leave to proof for 20-30 mins.
- finally, steam over medium heat for 10-12 mins and serve hot.

Mine is quite big or maybe you can make it smaller! Hmm...mmm...these are really soft and fluffy! Hope you guys will like this too!


  1. LOL, you are funny!
    They are very pretty daahling.
    *kisses* HH

  2. Oh dear sweety,arent these so darling?
    Only My little space can come up with suc darling ideas truly.....

  3. Coffee steamed buns? That's awesome. They look nice too.

  4. Wonder how much it cost to ship these to me~ wow spectacular Kristy!!!

  5. Love the coffee steamed buns, Kristy! They are really so pretty!

    And thanks so much for the award! Kate had already given it to me, but I put your name on there too. I love to get awards!

  6. I love Mantou.. the way they do not have fillings and the flavour comes from the buns itself. I've never had a coffee flavoured one though. Can't wait to try this out!

  7. you like the big ones? They do look wonderful. You are so creative, no dull plain ones here! :)

  8. So pretty, looks like little ornaments! I bet they're good too...hmmm

  9. I prefer steamed bun than baked bun, as it is less heaty. This one looks good!

  10. Wow, such colourful & delicious-looking buns! I'm sure kids will love it!

  11. How very pretty. I've never seen the likes of these before. They are fascinating to these Western eyes. I'd love to try one. I'll wager they are delicious.

  12. Hi Ladies & Bob the guy,

    Thank you so much for all your kind words. I'm really happy that you like this steamed bun too!

    Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

    Best regards,

  13. tes photos sont magnifiques, je viens prendre le café chez toi je vais me régaler
    bonne journée

  14. You make the loveliest steamed buns on this planet. Now with coffee, oh my empty plate is waiting.

  15. Kristy you are a machine, who gets to eat all of this food you make? I am honestly tempted to invite myself over and live with you for a few weeks and eat all of your delicious treasures! Mantous are the best, I have never tried this kind but damn you make it look good :)

  16. Gorgeous sekali Adik. I really like this one too. Off to check your steam bun. Hope to make it soon.
    Have a wonderful weekend,

  17. THank you again for the award! You're in my blog.

  18. I like steamed buns too! Coffee flavour sounds so cool!

  19. Steamed buns + coffee flavour = yummy! Thanks or the recipe.

  20. What beautiful buns you have! I love the coffee flavor. Yummmm

  21. The color of your dough would be awesome for St. Patrick's Day...Beautiful.

  22. Hello Kristy, thank you for visiting my blog and for the lovely comment.
    Your blog is full of "jewels"...beautiful colors and aromas,shapes and fabulous presentations! You just got yourself a new follower... ME! I will definitely come back for more delicious dishes and desserts!
    Compliments for everything dear!

  23. Fimere : Thanks alot! So, we meet up for tea some time. hehe...

    Claudia : You're so sweet. I wish I could send over the buns!

    Joy : All these will gone within a day, babe! I'll have t make more if you're coming.

    Elra : Have fun, Kak!

    Laura : Thank you!

    Angie : Thanks!

    KTSunshine Girl : Welcome on board! And glad that you like this too. Hope to hear from you more often.

    Reeni : Thanks alot!

    Velva : Glad that you like it! I love the coffee flavour so much.

    Nina : Hi there, welcome to my little space! Thanks so much for your kind words. Hope to see you more often then.

    Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

    Best regards,

  24. You are creative with these mantau and swirls. Where do you come up with these ideas?

  25. These look like from Chinese beautiful! Must have tasted awesome when just out from the steamer. I wish I can have some!

  26. You are awesome! These are beautiful. After these, plain white buns are too ordinary.

  27. Awesome! I think I don't have any more words to explain this wonderful recipe.

  28. oh,kristy,your steam buns are amazing and for me are so interesting!i will try them in a day !

  29. 看到你一直在上菜,我口水也流满地了。不懂为何过了年整个人觉得很懒散,看了你这个我最爱的馒头,真的很想动手开工了。


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