Golden Pot For The Dragon Year

Like every year, our nearby Chinese temple will organize a Chinese New Year parade which is specially dedicated to the goddesses. As usual, they will passed by my place and these are the two of many photos that I've taken. Hopefully, I'll be able to take some really nice photo at the Thaipusam parade as well. Oh no, not at Batu Cave but here, at where I live!  Of coz, you'll be able to get better shots at Batu Cave and enjoy the magnificient experience at the same time of our Thaipusam Festival here in Malaysia. You'll be amazed.

And it is very common for the Chinese to use prosperous items for their prayer. We often used Fatt Kuih cause it brings the meaning of 'wealth'. Nowadays, something even better has been created which they use a steamed bun to wrap around Fatt Kuih and brings the meaning of 'confirm wealthy'! HAHAHA..... Don't you love the sound of it too. kekeke....

(Recipe adapted from here)
Ingredients for Fatt Kuih :
100gm  self raising flour
75ml    warm water
1 tbsp  sugar
1 tbps  corn oil
a few drops of red colouring

Method :
(1) combine red colouring,  warm water & sugar and mix till sugar dissolved.
(2) then mix together flour, oil and sugar mixture, stir still combined.
(3) pour mixture to 3 muffin cups (with paper cups), then make a cross on the mixture with a scissors coating with cooking oil.
(4) finally, steam for 30 mins over high heat.

I think this Fatt Kuih recipe is the easiest one ever and is highly recommended to all.

Ingredients for Golden Pot :
300gm   all purpose flour
1 tbsp  sugar
1/2 tbsp  baking powder
1 tbsp    yeast
165ml   water
1 tspn   corn oil
1/2 tspn   yellow food colouring  

Method :
(1) combine all dry ingredients into a big bowl.
(2) mix together water, oil and yellow colouring, stir well.
(3) now, combine all ingredients together to form a soft dough then leave to rest for 30 mins.
(4) then divide dough into 3 portion.
(5) flatten dough with a bottle in the centre.
(6) place in the kuih to the centre and then slowly push dough upwards to the kuih.
(7) now, tight dough nicely with a string a ribbon.
(8)  finally, steam dough for 12 mins over high heat.

Oh my, oh my, don't you love the colour combination! And it's very easy to prepare as well. I'm sure this recipe will be very helpful to those who are looking for one. Hope you guys will like it too! Enjoy.

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