Hazel-Coffee Shortbread

I wonder what do you do when you're in the hypermarket? Mostly will just get what is under the list, right? For me, I like checking on price...(yeah, the most frequent things to do..ha ha!) and brand and flavour....check out if anything new in the market that I wanted to try out if it is not too expensive! But most of the time will ended up getting back to the same old products. Seems like things are getting really expensive. Well, it's like you won't spend $20 for just a jar of chocolate chip cookies..instead of getting yourself 2 packets of flour. Sounds like a gimmick!!! I mean yeah, with 2 packets of flour I can make a whole lot of bakery..right? ha ha... Well, forget it! Probably, it worth for those who are not doing any cooking and baking....=@!! Let's get back to the recipe then.

Ingredients :

250gm butter
120gm sugar
120gm rice flour
250gm all purpose flour
1tspn instant coffee powder (any flavour)
1 tbsp finely grounded hazelnut (powder form)

Method :

- cream butter, coffee powder and sugar untill just combined.
- add in flour, hazelnut powder and rice flour mixture, mix untill a dough is formed.
- lightly knead untill smooth.
- roll dough between 2 sheets untill flat about 1cm thick.
- use shape cutter to cut them out and place them to the baking tray.
- simply decorate with some colouring sugar.
- then bake for 20-25 mins at 170'c.
- leave to cool before lifting.
It's all ready for baking! I preferred bigger size cookie and these are about medium size.
Hmm...mm...smell terrific! Just be patient for a little while before taking the first bite...he he!
I can see my kids are keep coming back for more....That's also mean this is a winner for me, yey!!!


  1. Great flavours. I see you used rice flour, I have to try that, I hear it makes the best shortbread!

  2. Looks very beautiful.....I think they are also good as the X'mas cookies.

    Angie's Recipes</a

  3. Rice Flour! Something new to try. They look deliciuos.

  4. These are scrumptious! I actually have rice flour leftover from a recipe that I made a while ago, and didn't know what else to use it for, this recipe is perfect! Thanks!

  5. I am sold on the hazelnut here. Look very yummy!

  6. What great looking cookies. I would be like your kids, once I ate one, I would want more and more. I guess I am just a kid at heart.

  7. Great photo, great ingredients and a greatly appreciated recipe - thanks so much for sharing...

  8. i just found your blog! I had to comment on it 1. because you're a fellow baker and 2. because the pic of the puppy in the bun is ADORABLE!
    happy baking :)
    -Mini baker

  9. I love the use of hazelnuts and rice flour. These look scrumptious.

  10. Aww how cute! I bet these are delicious!


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