Rainforest Camping Trip (II)

I saw a few wild animals ran past us but unable to take down their pictures. Everything happened so fast and can't even have a chance for me to do so!

We're about to reach our camp side and it getting a little hardcore....juz a little compare to my past few trips (at different area)...he he !

We had to go across this hill to reach to the camp side and it's juz another 600m away!

Ooo...Wee.....My darling was driving! I got out and standing right up at the hill side try to take some good shots!
Here they go......down hill......! It was about 6.15pm when we reached to the camp side and the sky became dark really quick. I did the cooking for the first day...in the dark. And all the guys were working hard and fast tried to set up the camp ASAP, so that everyone could take a good rest after that.
And the following pictures were taken on the next day. The opposite is where we came in from. Now, what do think about camping in the wild??
The water level will reach to the car area when rainy season came along!

Ta...da....Well, this is our camp side! What do you think??? Like it? ha ha....

My husband's elder sibling was making curry chicken for lunch to go with 'roti canai' and bread! Hmm...mmm....so yummy! She did most of the cooking on the following day. While me, trying to arrange and organise all the storage food in a safe place.
Juz look at my son!!! He doesn't even bother what are you guys up to but juz enjoying himself as much as he could. He loves fishing as much as his dad. My darling already went hiking with a friend. They were heading to the up stream and will only come back in the evening. After preparing lunch, I took my kids and the others go walking around the other side of the hill.

And look what they found!!! Isn't it beautiful! There are quite a number of species of this kind of plant.
Such an awesome looking thing!!!

This is another species and is smaller in size! We actually met the local forest ranger that day and found out that one of the tiger already sent into Melaka Zoo. No wonder I can't find their foot prints anymore! And the other smaller one is still wandering around. What a pity! But there is still a few Leopards wandering around this area and hope to see their tracks in my future trip!



  1. Hi Kristy,

    Thank you for posting the awesome photos of your camping trip. You are so adventurous! Your truck climbing the hill was a sight to see, the rare plants your husband got from the forest was something I definitely haven't seen before. Your son seemed to have enjoyed it the most, I can see why. And your husband's sister cooking, I could almost smell the aroma of the chicken cooking in curry. That was so much fun and I am sure everyone had a blast!

    Now, back to cooking. THe bread you posted today look so good. I will try that tomorrow. Thanks and you take care. Best regards to your family!

  2. Kristy, the camping photos are awesome...the plant looks extremely fun.

    Angie's Recipes

  3. Your photos are terrific. I hope you are enjoying the trip.

  4. This looks so fun! Thanks for sharing with us! You have internet there?

  5. Thanks for taking us along! Looks like a lot of fun. Isn't nature amazing?

  6. Hi Everyone,

    Thanks so much for stopping by and you all enjoy the pictures!

    Reeni : No, there's no line in the jungle! Sorry! I did the posting after I got back.

    Cheers, Kristy


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