Taiwanese Mooncake

Did you notice the flaky skin of this pastry? Isn't it lovely? I found this recipe when surfing the net. I have never taken this kind of mooncake before, so I think it juz pop-up at the right timing! This recipe needs a lot of hand works and patience. I went through the recipe one day earlier and try to check up the ingredients that I have in hand. So, I have all the stuffs I needed....then what else. Here I go.....

Ingredients for Water Skin :

300gm all purpose flour
1 tbsp icing sugar
120gm shortening
100ml water

- rub shortening with flour & icing sugar untill well combine.
- add in water to form a soft dough and leave aside for 15mins.

Ingredient's for Oil Skin :

190gm all purpose flour
100gm shortening

- rub shortening with flour and then knead to form a dough.
- divide into 16 portion.

Method :

- flatten water dough and wrap with oil dough.
- roll into long shape and roll up like a swiss roll.
- then flatten again into long shape and do a 3 fold method.
- roll into round shape and wrap with the prepared fillings.

Ingredients for filling :

640gm pandan lotus paste
(divide into 16 portion)

Sesame Seed Filling :

260gm lotus paste
50gm chicken floss
50gm sesame seeds
50gm almond flakes, roasted

- combine all ingredients together untill well mixed.
- divide into 16 portion.

Method :

- wrap sesame filling with lotus paste and seal nicely.
- then wrap into pastry dough and place to the baking tray.
- brush on egg glaze and top with sesame seeds.
- bake for 20-25mins at 190'c.
- leave cool before cutting.

Everything ended up perfectly...the fillings, the pastry dough, the wrapping job and of coz the baking time. I can't wait till I take my first bite out of it!

I'm cutting it....Oooo...Ooooo...wow...! Juz look at it. Still a little warm. It looks better in the next day when it's completely cool. I'm salivating! YUm...YUm...YUm... Well, what do you think it taste like??? Absolutely delicious with all the combination fillings and flaky skin. Juz imagine when you chew on the inner layer with all those sesame seeds, chicken floss and almond flavour! Perfect!
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