Stir Fried Leek With Shrimps

This is a kind of simple wet dish, yet very yummy! Eventhough it's not as flavourful as the past stir fried veggies' recipes, which I've added in mostly with vegetarian oyster sauce. Thus, I'm not going to use any of that sauce for the following dish. So, I'm going to replace the flavour with a little bit of 'shao xing' wine. It's a very light flavour kind of dish which you can still taste the nice origin flavour of the shrimps and leek.

Ingredients :

200gm shrimps
300gm leek, sliced in medium thickness
1 tbsp chopped garlic
3 slices ginger
Seasoning :
1 tbsp 'shao xing' wine
salt and pepper to taste
1/4 cup water
* thickening (1/2 tspn tapioca flour + 3 tbsp water)
Method :
- preheat frying pan or wok with 3 tbsp cooking oil.
- stir in ginger, garlic and shrimps at the same time and stir fry untill shrimp became half cook.
- put in leek and stir fry for a minute under medium heat.
- then add in 'shao xing' wine, follow by water and stir fry for a few second.
- cover by lid and let it cook for a min or two or untill the leek about soft.
- finally, add in salt, pepper and thickening.
- and then serve.

Eventually, some may cook this with roast pork...especially my parents-in-law! But not my family! I hope you guys will enjoy this healthy looking dish too.

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