Homemade Chilled Mooncake (Non Steamed)

My very first batch homemade chilled mooncake(non steamed style). And this is the simplest chilled mooncake recipe ever! The most importantly, this mooncake can easily last for a couple of day without getting chewy. This recipe is using 'koh fun' in it. Probably, most of you won't be able to find this ingredient out there but you can always make your own 'koh fun' at home. Not troublesome at all! All you need is juz place the quantity glutinous flour you need into the oven and bake for 25-30 mins at 160'c and stir every 10 mins; or simmer it over a non-stick frying pan under low heat untill it became loose and dry. For me, I'll juz buy the ingredients at the specialty store and saving me lots of time...he he ! Actually, chilled mooncake is tasted more or less like a gigantic mochi. Hm..mm...that makes me feel like I'm going to try out mochi mooncake as well...ha ha!

Ingredients for Skin Dough:

200gm 'koh fun'/cooked glutinous flour

230gm icing sugar

80gm shortening

260gm cold water

1 tspn banana extract

These are the changeable cartoon mooncake mould I bought not long ago.

Method :

- combine icing sugar and 'koh fun' together and mix well.

- rub shortening into dried ingredients untill combined.

- then add in cold water & banana extract, mix till form a soft dough.

- divide into 35-40gm each dough for mini size(depends the size of your mould).

- wrap in 25gm paste and roll into a round ball, coated with 'koh fun'.

- press into mould and dislodge; keep in refrigerator before serving.

I love mixed paste. It's much more flavourful than the plain one!
And here comes my 2nd batch chilled mooncake, mango flavour skin mooncake and it's super yummy.
I'm bringing these back to my in-laws' place later on. I hope they'll like it! Oh, don't have to mention about my kids....they're so in love with it...he he!
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