Homemade Potato Wedges

Potato wedges! What a simple recipe! This has been my children's all time favourite. Not to mention about them I love these as well. I used to buy the ready made frozen wedges at the supermarket and of coz you've to pay more for that. So, I gave it a try some day ago and it came out great. Over more, I can make any flavour that I like...curry coating flavour or mixed herbs flavour...etc. And the good thing is you do not need to pay more! Sounds wonderful, isn't it? The only thing needed to work out is boiling the potatoes, that it!

Ingredients :

1/2kg potatoes
salt & pepper to taste

Coating : 1/3 cup fried chicken powder + 1/4 cup tapioca starch + 1tbsp rice flour

Method :

- wash and clean the potatoes without peeling the skin.
- boil untill juz cook and leave cool in a pot of running water.
- cut them into wedges shape.
- season with salt and pepper.
- then add in the coating powder and mix well.
- deep fry over hot oil untill golden brown.
- the out layer should be crunchy and a little salty.
Taste absolutely wonderful! Especially with some dipping sauce.....Ooo...yum..yum! I guess you might love to give it a try.
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