Fasting Season In Malaysia

Finally, the fasting season has arrived. This year it's fall on the 22nd of August which is also 1st of Ramadan in Islamic lunar calender. Fasting must be observe during daylight hours in Ramadan for one whole month. There is to be no drinking, eating, frivolity and sexual intercourse. Ramadan is the season to test the one's endurance and self-denial. Though, many say fasting is good for health. And it's also time to give food to the poor; thus, one observes one's moral duties and feels drawn closer to the heaven. I reached to the nearby food corner in my town about 5.30pm...a little late! Hopefully, I still be able to get some photo shoots on the food. Actually, it's really really crowded here. They started business at about 4pm. This area is only open once a year for fasting season.

This is 'Ayam Golek' which also mean grilled chicken. It cost about RM$18-RM$20 per chicken.

This is 'Roti John' which also mean as John bread. It cost about RM$3.50-RM$4.50 per stick.

Oooo...juz look at those Malay cuisines they're selling here. Many choices...from meat to veggies!

This store is selling spicy grilled seafood. The lowest price is from RM$8.

Cold drinks, anyone??? Love the colours of the drinks!

This place is so crowded. Not easy to take pictures on the food!
Oh, this is the nice and delicious one 'Ayam percik'. Looks like satay but it's not satay! These are marinated chicken breast and thigh with very little spices such as tumeric, chili powder and sugar.
And this one here is selling 'Murtabak'.

Look at it!!! So....delicious looking 'Murtabak' with Sardine filling. Really mouthwatering...yum!

The 'Apom Balik' are almost finish, juz left a few pieces. This is a kind of Malay style pancake.

And this is the satay store. It cost about 40 cents per stick. Sorry that I am unable to take down the kuih-muih photo cause they are all GONE. Maybe next time...he he! However, hope you guys will enjoy this posting and learn more about Malaysia.
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