Turkish Delight

Turkish delight was first introduced to me from a magazine together with the recipe. It has been under my cooking list for quite sometime. Lately Laura from Laura's Paris Cooking Notebook was introducing it again and reminds me of the recipe that I have in hand. Turkish delight is a confection made from starch and sugar. It's also called as 'Lokum' in Turkish word. There are more stories behind this, which you can check out from http://www.turkish-delight.com/ . These confection look so attractive that I have to make and try them myself. So, I did it!

Ingredients :

20gm gelatine
350gm sugar
250ml water
a pinch of salt
1 tbsp lemon/lime juice(I'm using key lime)
1 tspn lemon rind/lime rind
icing sugar for dusting
The texture is a little soft and springy. Don't worry! You can juz pull it up.
I leave it on a slightly dust working table and then cut them out by using scissors. Easier though!

Method :

- combine water, gelatine, salt and sugar in a sauce pan and boil over low heat.
- stir occasionally untill sugar & gelatine dissolve completely.
- then off the heat, add in lime juice & rind and colouring; mix well.
- pour onto a 9" square pan tray and leave to cool.
- after that cover it and keep in refrigerator overnight(at least 8 hours).
- cut them into small piece and dust with icing sugar juz before serving.
- keep them in cool and dry area.
Juz look at these tiny little sweets....Oh my, it looks almost transparent. Nice huh!
I cut them all onto the working table and ready for dusting.

Right! It's all ready to serve....Wow, my own homemade Turkish Delight! Is now infront of me. Yum yum yum......It is soft, springy and refreshing!

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