Rainforest Camping Trip (III)

What do you think this is????......Ok, Ok, It's the Tapir foot print so are the earlier one. These foot prints were found near our camp site. There are also deer and wild boar foot prints nearby. In our previous trip we found elephants foot prints as well!
They're heading back to the woods. All of them!!! Interesting or not?
We started packing as early as 10am the day after, which was on the 31st of Aug. Everything nicely pack and we tidy up the place as well. We make a move at about 12pm.
After 1km driving, our vehicle having problem with the tyre.
The guys were doing their job and replacing it with a spare tyre. Good job guys! And thank you very much.
While they were busying, we wandering around and found something interesting. Here it is! Some wild fruits......have no idea what is the actual scientific name but these do look like fresh pepper. No..no..no...do not touch this! Can't you see? How come the fruits still hanging nicely in the wild without touching by insects or wild animals especially monkeys?

And these are wild grapes! Still nicely hanging there too, right? Not even an ant wandering around the tree! I wonder how poisonous there are???
Oooo....and this one here! Yet another species of those plant and it is much more bigger!

Finally, we went on and heading out! Such a lovely view from below!

At last, we reached to the oil palm plantation area about 3pm. And this is the only animal that I am able to capture with my camera...he he!

This area going to be replaced with young oil palm trees later on. Juz look at those oil palm trees, over the hills and there are more.....

Here we are!!! Waiting for them to open the gate for us. We arrived home about 5pm that day.
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