The Power of Colours

According to the American Cancer Institute, we should aim for an average of 7 serving of fruits and vegetables daily to decrease the risk of abnormal growth of cells. This is because fruits and vegetables contain phytonutrients which are powerful free radical scavengers and immune system boosters. In fact, the more 'colourful' our diet, the higher number of phytonutrients it contains. Generally, phytonutrients come in 7 colour groups. Adequate intake of all colours group is important as each addresses different oxidative reactions. However, meeting 7 serving of sufficient fruits and vegetables daily from 7 colour groups daily are the major challenge for most of us. The following are the details of the colour beneficial :

protect heart, reduce risk of cancer, improves red blood circulation and strenghten eye function. Source : strawberry, raspberry, beetroot, tomato, lingoberry etc.

improve eye and skin health, vascular health and immune; may reduce liver cancer risk.
Source : carrot, spinach, kale, papaya etc.

for healthy version, protect skin from UV damage; may reduce breast, lung and prostate cancer.
Source : carrot, corn, kale etc.

maintain healthy cardiovascular function, help reduce atherosclerosis, purifies blood, active detoxification enzymes in liver and gastrointestinal tract.
Source : bailey grass, wheat grass, broccoli, green leavy vegetables etc.

coordinate activities of immune cells, maintain healthy cardiovascular function, help reduce tissue inflammation, reduce allergy and viral infections.
Source : garlic, onion, cauliflower, kale. broccoli etc.

protect against harmful UV rays and help to reduce risk of cancer.
Source : blueberry, raspberry, grapes, blackcurrant, strawberry etc.

help to reduce heart disease & DNA damage, slow down aging process.
Source : eggplant, blueberry, blackcurrant, raspberry, grape, strawberry etc.

I'm so sorry because I don't have my camera with me today. So, I've to gather pictures from the site to work on this posting about this interesting topic of fruits and vegetables which I think it would be helpful to all of you in your daily diet. And I hope you all will enjoy this as much as I did...Cheers!
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