Kelong Fishing Trip

Kelong is a Malay word to describe a form of offshore platform built predominantly with wood and can be found in water off Malaysia. Kelongs are built by fishermen primary for fishing purpose, though larger structures can also function as dwelling for them and their families. Kelong was built by using tree trunks. Enchored to the sea bed using wooden piles. They are usually sited in shallow water, although some can be found in deeper water. But nowadays, they have developed Kelong into commercial use purposes for better income. These pictures were taken about two years ago. I've been there for a couple times and I love it so much. Very peaceful environment and windy, and so so so...relaxing! Oh yes, my kids enjoyed it so much especially my son. He loves fishing just like his father.

This picture was taken when we were on our way to the Kelong. It's just a 10 mins boat ride. This Kelong is located at East Coast Malaysia. It cost about RM$150-RM$180 per person for one night stay.

Just look at my son! He was fixing the bait all by himself....ha ha !

He could just stay there for whole day. And by the end of the day, he was so very tired and strait away jumped onto his bed.

These are my friends. They were holding a 20kg stingray of my husband's biggest catch of the day! Ya...Hoo......
She's my daughter and it's time heading home! We are planning to go there after my kids exam somewhere end of this year. I am very much looking forward to the coming trip.


  1. It looks like you all had a wonderful way. The size of that sting ray is impressive.

  2. You blog may be entitled My Little Space but browsing through your blog, I could say that you have a huge and sincere heart. Thank you for sharing your recipes. I actually don't know where to start. Divine

  3. My brother loves fishing a lot...he actually goes fishing every weekend together with friends and there are competitions now and then.

    Angie's Recipes

  4. Mary : Yes, we enjoyed the trip very much and have lots of fun! TQ.

    Devine : Thank you so much for visiting my blog and glad to hear from you. And also thank you so much for your very very nice words. I'm really appreciate it! Do keep in touch.

    Angie : So, your brother sounds very addicted to fishing too. ha ha...! Yeah, guys!!!

  5. What a wonderful fishing trip. And that is one big stingray, do people eat this fish?

  6. This looks so fun! What a cool catch!!!

  7. Thanks for blogging about Kelong. I really wish I could go visit Malaysia. My daughter went there with his dad last summer, a graduation gift from him. She told me Malaysia is really nice and that the food is SO GOOD!

    You are a good mom and good wife. You take care of your family's welfare and health by cooking good food. You have a very nice family.

    By the way, how did you cook the stingray? That really is a big one. I am so awed.

  8. Elra : Yes, we do! The meat taste absolutely wonderful.

    Reeni : Thank you.

    Chris : Actually, I only took about 2-3kg of the meat. And I gave it away to share with all my friends. I prefered to cook with 'Asam Jawa' tamaridus soup which is hot and sour; or grilled with banana leaf by adding in homemade red hot chili sauce & lime juice.
    And once again, thank you so much for your mice comment. Have a nice day!

  9. Wow, super stringray! Fishing is my dad's hobby and abt 30 over yrs ago, he went deep sea fishing and saw a migration of whales. It was an great experience for him but at the same time, quite scary as his boat could have toppled if the whales came too near. I been to a kelong off Johor sea too abt 3 yrs ago. Very fun!

  10. NPMelaka : Hi there, my Scotish uncle owned a yatch many years ago and my aunt sold it after his passing about 10 years ago. They used to bring overseas' tourists to go around M'sia. It's their living, you see! They even saw a lot of strange things happening around the sea! And got one time there happened to be a sea tornado nearby their yatch, so dangerous! Amazing view, my aunt told me! They could nearly see the bottom of the sea.

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