Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sourdough Baguette

We have our homemade garlic butter yesterday, right! Well, I'm not going to make any french bread for that but I'm making sourdough baguette instead. Though this is my first attempt, hopefully I'll be able to get it right and bake something we can eat...he he! Actually, I was attracted by the sound 'Baguette'! It sounds like you're going to have something really nice for your tea. I got to try this...I got to try this!!! Here we go....

Ingredients for Starter Dough :

300gm high protein flour
165ml water
1 tspn salt
1 tspn yeast

- combine all ingredients together to form a soft dough.
- leave overnight.

Ingredients for Main Dough :

300gm high protein flour
1 tspn salt
165ml water
2 tbsp sugar
1 tspn yeast
1-1/2 tspn shortening

- combine all ingredients together with the starter dough.
- mix untill combined and form a soft dough.
- leave to proof for an hour or double in size.
- divide dough into 2 portion and shape them up.
- proof another 30mins.
- then bake at 190'c for 25-30 mins.

Well done, I supposed! Since I don't have a special french bread tray for that, I've to use a bigger baking tray.
Not bad..not bad, huh!!! Crunchy thin crust and soft white inner texture. Juz the right one I wanted it to be...perfector....mamamia...ha ha ha! I'm not good at all in this kind of language.
Oh, I keep them safe in a bread container...waiting to serve with garlic butter! Baguette is still delicious juz spread on butter and jam for your breakfast or tea. I think I need to make one more batch....! Oh yes, I would like to introduce you guys to a new blogger buddy of mine, Marillyn from JUST MAKING NOISE(Noisy Foodie). She is a very very special lady and a mother of two beautiful girls. She is giving away some branded coconut virgin oil in her lastest post. Please feel free to drop by her blog! Cheers!
And I'm going to pass this over to Marillyn from JUST MAKING NOISE (Noisy Foodie) for being friend. So, Marillyn....this is yours!


Lucia from Madison said...

I can't wait to start making bread again now that the weather is starting to change. The texture looks perfect. What type of bread container do you use?

My Little Space said...

Lucia : I'm using the air-tight plastic container.

Elra said...

Beautiful and perfect crumb!

Laura said...

Please please, don't show me how to make a baguette .. I ate almost a whole one today, fresh from the bakery ... I LOVE bread ..

Life is good! said...

your baguette not only sounds good it looks wonderful!

Marillyn Beard said...

Thank you sooooo much! I will post the Friend button tomorrow for my Sweet Wholesome Wednesday :o) Thanks friend!!

My Little Space said...

Elra : Thank you very much!

Laura : In that case, you need to own a bakery shop instead...ha ha! Juz blaughing! Yeah, I mean who can ever resist those fresh looking bread from the shop. Juz so tempting!

Life is good : Thank you!

Marillyn : You're most welcome!

Angie's Recipes said...

Some of your garlic butter would fit perfectly with these bread.

Angie's Recipes

noobbaker said...

would like to know, for the starter dough when u keep it overnight, u keep it inside the fridge or u leave it at room tempreature?


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