Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Homemade Chocolate & Green Tea Paste For Wassant Bread

After posting several related recipes by using these amazing paste. Finally, here comes the homemade recipes as promised. These homemade paste is very easy to prepare with just few ingredients. I bet I won't see smoke coming out from your head. haha...... So, here we go.

Ingredients for Chocolate Paste :
2 egg white
100gm  sugar
50gm  flour
10gm  corn flour
2 tbsp  milk

150gm  chocolate, chopped & melted
or ~
50gm  cocoa powder
120ml  water
(mix well ~ but by using this mixture need to keep into freezer for a quick set up after cooked)

Method :
(1) combine ingredients (A) and mix well.
(2) then mix ingredients (A) into (B) and stir to combine.
(3) simmer mixture over low flame till became thickened and turned into thick paste.
(4) once it's done, leave to cool before transferring to plastic bag.
(5) keep chilled for an hour till mixture set and ready to use.

Ingredients for Green Tea Paste :
2 egg white
100gm  sugar
60gm  flour
10gm  corn flour
1 tbsp  green tea powder
2 tbsp  milk

150gm   white chocolate, chopped & melted

Method : Refer to the above.

The mixture will look a bit thick lava but it will set very quickly after cooled. You can even use it one hour after refrigerated. But I prefer to prepare this a day before. NO RUSH ! Just take your time & enjoy. Coming up next will be the Eggless version. So, stay tune !


lena said...

you're amazing...seems not complicated at all..yes,no smoke coming out of my head! haha!

anne said...

What a great idea , Kristy ! It's much more easier than I thought ! And cheaper than buying it :D

Vivian Pang said...

Definitely worth to make these paste and standby in fridge. Thanks for sharing!

Janetan said...

thanks for sharing this recipe.. very delicious.. just finish making it~

Anonymous said...

Hi, I have tried your chocolate paste but it was too sweet for me. Is there anyway to lessen the sweetness as I still have some left. Thank you.

mui mui said...

You are amazing. Love both paste.
Btw can I use this as mooncake filling :p

My Little Space said...

Mui Mui, this paste is not suitable for any mooncake fillings cause its too soft & too expensive to do so. :o) Oh well, you might give it ago though & let me know the result then. hehe...
Thanks so much for stopping by & hope you're having a lovely day.
Blessings, Kristy

Anonymous said...

What kind of flour are you used

My Little Space said...

Hi anonymous,
I'm using all purpose flour here.

Regards, Kristy

Anonymous said...

Nice..Green Tea

Anonymous said...

Hi Kristy,

Is there any noticeable difference when making chocolate paste with real chocolate vs cocoa powder?

Say, the flavour, texture, colour/look in thr finished bread?

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