Kuih Dodol From Scratch

It's been a busy & exhausting weekend. I traveled back to hubby's home to celebrate Mother's Day with his family. Hubby is the youngest in his family and 8 other elder siblings were back too with their kids & grandkids. Oh yeah, just imagine the situation. It was sounded like a wet market. hahaha....  How about the kitchen....the preparation of food for the whole family ? No problem......everyone still ended with a happy & smiling face.

OH now.....did I just mention DODOL earlier ??? And why it doesn't even look like one at all ? haha..... This is not a real dodol but just a kuih tastes like dodol which I made from scratch. The real dodol is a traditional Malay sweet delicacy and it is widely produced especially during RAYA celebration. Dodol is made of coconut milk, palm sugar and rice flour. And it needs to be cook for long hours till everything thickened to became an elastic sticky paste. Herewith, I have enclosed a video clip that you might interested in.(Click here to watch the traditional way of Dodol making).

And here's the recipe from scratch.
Ingredients :
180gm   tapioca flour
50gm   sago flour
340ml   coconut milk
1/4 tspn  salt

100ml    water
100gm   sugar

100ml  water
120gm   palm sugar

Method :
(1) combine ingredients (A), mix well and set aside.
(2) cook ingredients (B) & (C) separately till sugar dissolved.
(3) now, divide ingredients (A) into two portions, stir ingredient (B) into one portion and then ingredient (C) to the other half.
(4) finally, steam the first few layers for about 3 minutes each and then the final layer for about 7 minutes.
(5) once it's done, leave to cool completely before keeping it refrigerated. It's best to serve chilled.

If you're craving for some dodol and don't want to go through such long hours cooking method, then this recipe should sounds good to you. It smells great and tastes exactly like dodol. Actually, there is a microwave version of dodol making , click here & here for further info. Hope you guys will love it too. Enjoy!
I'm sending this to Shaz @ Muhibbah Malaysian Monday.


  1. Wow dodol become kuih lapis. Something new and must be very tasty and Q.

  2. Oh my goodness is this ever tasty! You're exhausted and made this? Kudos! Happy Mother's Day!

  3. Something new..never tasted it.

  4. wow sungguh kreatif...dodol lapis.Pasti nak cuba juga ni..selamat hari ibu Kristy:)

  5. Looks very chewy and soft, and easy to peel layer by layer, I love eating kuih layer like that:D Glad to know you had a great Mother's day even though tired but still happy right?:D

  6. It looks good and delicious ! You are one very innovative lady :) Well done ! Have a nice day dear :)

  7. I'd would be happy enough to do it your way. But thanks for introducing me the traditional way of making dodol - my first time seeing it : ).

  8. Hi Kristy, Happy Mother's day to you.

    You kuih dodol look really good. It look something like kuih lapis too.
    Nice layer. Thanks for sharing.

    Have a nice day.

  9. Yum, this kuih lapis always brings back nostalgic feelings of my childhood! Yes, layer by layer is the way to enjoy it the best, yum!

  10. Oh my, that looks so good, Kristy. Kudos for making it when you're tired! :) Looks like we're supposed to eat it by separating the layers?

  11. Kristy, is this chewy? Think I'll love it. Looks yum!

  12. This is interesting! I've never seen dodol lapis before. I love dodol and I love kuih lapis. yums!

  13. I've never heard of dodol before...but it's a stunning dessert! I'd love to try it :)

  14. Looks great and very yummy ! I've watched this travel show last month and they feature this kuih making factory in Malaysia ! Really interesting to watch !

  15. o my..these look so elastic and delicious. Love them.

  16. Can I use tapioca flour instead of sago flour here?

  17. Angie, it's still best to use sago flour cause it gives the kuih a very chewy texture. But if you don't have sago flour then try to use hoen kwee flour (from Indonesia) or green pea starch. Wheat starch is not so suitable cause it will harden the kuih.
    Hope this will help. Enjoy!

  18. sound interesting, taste like dodol but not make like dodol..you always got this kind of intereting recipes, wonder where you learn this?

  19. i never knew that it would take hours to make dodol! kristy,i'm impressed looking at your kuih, the layers look smooth and translucent too!


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