Danish Cheese Stick

Since it's school holiday, my mom travelled all the way from hometown to my place just to visit us. It was so sweet of her! She actually came over by bus. I took her and my kids stroll around Melaka State in the 2nd day. My mom likes shopping, food and travelling a lot. So I guess she should be enjoying it very much. And she went home by taking the 8.45am bus this morning. Sure I'm going to miss her! It will take about 6 hours to reach home. So, I've prepared some homemade danish cheese sticks and some bread to bring along with her.

Please follow my danish pastry recipe. (I always keep extra pastry in my freezer)

Firstly, roll flat the pastry dough and cut them into long rectangle shape. Simply twist and place them onto the baking tray. Brush on the egg glazing. Then sprinkle the shredded cheese and sugar on top. Finally, bake at 200'c for 20 mins or untill golden brown. Sprinkle some icing sugar on top and serve.


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