My Big Day

This morning I woke up late and then I went to the Sunday morning market (pasar pagi) to buy some meat and breakfast for my kids as usual. The morning market is not far from my place and I'm riding a motorbike to get there by myself. There are lots of thing selling in the morning market over here such as fresh seafood, beef, poultry, fresh vegetables, groceries, handcrafts, flowers, pet and food, of course. Then I got back to have my breakfast at home. After a while I started cleaning up and doing my house chores; and also bathing my dog, BABELEE. She's a 2 years old beagle, very clever and playful.

We usually take very simple lunch on Sunday. But today I've baked an apple strudel, my very first apple strudel. I'll show you in my posting tomorrow. After that I went to take a nap. Just trying to enjoy my Sunday afternoon, sleeping..zzz....zzz.....zzz....And then I got up and started to prepare my dinner. I'm making some pizzas. The timing is just right, you know! By the time my pizzas are ready, the delivery arrived. My husband bought me a birthday cake and some KFC fried chicken. How sweet ! I actually thought that he had forgotten about my birthday as he usually did, ha ha....I purposely don't want to remind him. Yes, I'm a Gemini and so is my daughter. Her birthday is on next week. Look ! I've got a very lovely birthday cake, mangoes fruit cake. Emm...yummy..yummy.

And also my apple hawaiian pizza. I'm full and so are my kids. Actually, I've just finished doing the dishes. And now I'm sitting in front of my computer and enjoying my cup of coffee. Well, this is MY BIG DAY ! What about yours??


  1. Happy Birthday. I'm so glad your family remembered and treated you like the queen we know you to be. Have a wonderful day.

  2. What a perfect birthday cake! Happy birthday - I just found you and love what you have.

  3. Thank you, Mary.

    Hello Claudia, thank you and hope you'll drop by more often.

  4. Wish you belated Birthday Wishes... I can see that you've had a great celebration with your family... I wish you many more lovely years ahead with lots of sweetness and happiness :)


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