Rainbow Choco Chips Cookies

I guess chocolate chip cookies almost everyone's favourite especially children. And I'm sure my kids will love it. Today menu, I'm making Rainbow Choco Chip Cookies. I'm using colourful chocolate candies to replace chocolate chips instead; and it did make a lot of difference. It's a very easy and fast to make recipe.

Ingredients :

125gm butter
1 tspn vanilla essence
1/3 cup brown sugar
1/3 cup castor sugar
1 egg
1-1/4 cup all purpose flour
1/2 tspn baking soda
1 cup chocolate candy (m & m chocolate candy)

- beat butter, sugar, egg and vanilla essence untill smooth.
- stir in flour, baking soda and chocolate candy untill combine.
- drop a tbsp of mixture on baking tray and press down lightly.
- bake at 190'c for 10 mins or untill brown lightly.
- leave to cool for 3 mins before lifting the cookies.

The chocolate candies are so attractive. How can the kids not crazy about it !
Finally, I can filled up my empty cookies' jar with all these lovely bake.


  1. What a great idea for those times when you want something just a little different for a change.

  2. mmmmm these look so lovely! i'd love one for an afternoon snack :)

  3. Perfect playdate food! Love it!

  4. I love the colours of the candy - so different from the typical ones I'd find at home. I bet these were delicious!

  5. These are adorable. I must make them for my class.


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