Organic All Purpose Cleaner

Guess what is in the bottle??? Something new in the market!!! NO, it is just a bottle of my homemade organic all purpose cleaner / soap. SURPRISE !? In every single day, we tried to take whatever actions or do whatever we can just to safe the earth from being polluted. We used recycle bottles, recycle plastics, cut down the usage of papers, stop using plastic begs and so on. Basically, all these started at home. And there is still something else that we can actually do at home to help. **PLEASE FULLY UTILIZE ALL YOUR UNUSED OR LEFT OVER (UNCOOKED) FRUITS & VEGETABLES** !!! It will gives you an incredible pay back. Can you see what I have done to those fruits and vegetables? Though, it is not my invention but I've done my part.

You can actually produce what so we called ORGANIC SOAP / CLEANER from using all those left over fruits & vegetables. Believe me, you going to love it especially for those whom are allergy to chemical soap and detergent! And it smell terribly fruity yummy.

I'm using a 18litre plastic container with cover and filled in 1/3 of water. Then mixed with 2kg of light brown sugar. After that you can start dumping in all the unused fruits and vegetables (except green leaves, coz it produce uncomfortable smell) from your daily cooking ingredients; for instance, you can throw in orange, lemon & lime skin after squeezing out the juice, banana skin, pineapple skin, carrot & radish skin and so and so and.......(make sure it's clean). Finally, add in another 1/2kg of brown sugar on top when the dumping reached 3/4 of the container and then cover to ferment for 3 months. If I am not mistaken, the actual ratio for that is 1:3:10.

Here is half way of my dumping. You can actually see lots of bubble during the fermentation started. The whole process takes about more or less 4 months. Make sure the container is fully covered at all times.

Finally, it's done. Guess what?? The fruits can still be used as fertilizer. Try to dig some holes around your gardening area and throw in all the fruits then cover it nicely. There, you see ! Do you feel great about it ? Every single things are fully utilize. And the organic soap can be used as hand soap, household all purpose cleaner or to soak your white clothing. Let me know if you've tried this !


  1. I am in total awe! I cannot believe this would WHITEN clothes. I can't say that I'll try it, but I am impressed!

  2. I'm really tempted. You've made me curious. This really is something new.

  3. Very interesting ... I've never heard of making organic AP cleaner! Thank you for sharing.

  4. Who knew?? I am very very very impressed. Very.

  5. LOL. Thanks for stopping by and I will take that as a big compliment haha.

    This all-purpose cleaner is amazing. I never thought about using the leftover bits to use it like this. Great job!

  6. What a clever idea!

    Great blog! I will be following :)

  7. Hi! I google search for recycled pineapple skin and I found your blog. I have the similar Recycle Fruity Cleaner that made by my neighbour. He's using pineapple skin, water and brown sugar to ferment for 3mths.

    I'm new to this, can I ask you few questions?I wonder since the sugar is added on and it will taste sweet. When we use to clean our floor or other items I worry the ants will come later. Do we need to add this cleaner to our normal detergent?

  8. Don't worry! After 3 months fermentation, the liquid became a little acidic due to natural chemical reactions.Confirm no ants!In the opposite, the ants actually disapeared after I started using it. Still can mix a little commercial detergent for extra fragrance. Thanks for dropping by and have a nice weekend!

  9. Again...brilliant woman!!!!!!! Wow, I am so darn impressed.

  10. Hi dear! That is so cool! I love it. I have never gone that far back in your blog. You are awesome! Miss you! Xoxo meg

  11. Thank you for linking up with the Clever Chicks this week; I hope you’ll join us again!

    Kathy Shea Mormino
    The Chicken Chick


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